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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Julia Gorin lies to US veterans

In her latest post on her blog Julia Gorin write an article to American Legion Magazine, the publication of America’s largest veterans organization. It is her right to write such article but isn't right to lie to proud people who defended USA and other nations. In her article she again put lie about chetnik's role in WW2 like they were on US side. Well placed lie about saving numerous US airman's by Draza Mihajlovic is simple fruit of her imagination. She even dare to advertise it by saying to her readers "FYI: Draza Mihailovic is mentioned." so they take special attention to that part of lie.

Well Julia Gorin your employees again did give you false informations and you are cauth in another lie, but I believe you don't even know difference between lies and truth, you will simply write what ever higher bidder wants. Here is explanation:

Photograph taken at Dvori near Bjeljina, September 28 1944;

1) Draža Mihailovich,
2) US Army Colonel Robert H. McDowell,
3) Mustafa Mulalić and a group of Ustashas
Source: Web Archive - The Trial Of Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic - 1946

In the Ranger mission US Army Lt. Col. Robert H. McDowell "with the help of Lieutenant Nick Lalich" (NIKOLA LALIC, an American of Serbian heritage), gathered intelligence on Nazi troop movements and wrote a report on Draza's Chetniks movement. McDowell wrote that he "never saw any type of collaboration between Mihailovich and the Germans" and "did notice however how much Draza hated them." All I will comment is "Picture speak thousand words".

Serb-American Lieutenant Nick Lalich "( NIKOLA LALIC, an American of Serbian heritage)", with Draza Mihailovich. Photograph taken in September 1944 when Lalich "helped US Army Lt. Col. Robert H. McDowell"

Following lines were written by Edmund Glaise von Horstenau in his diary:

“The units that could really be used against the partisans were the Serbian and partly the Russian volunteers and-Draza Mihailovic’s people.My liason officer with them was a certain major,Ritterkreuztraeger.”
written on situation in Serbia during his visit to Belgrade in June 1944.

ibidem,p.187; BA/MA, RH 26-118/32 Befehl and die Cetnikfuehrer Cvijetin Todic,Golub Mitrovic,Savo Derikonja,Radivoj Kosoric,Bozo Plemic und Dusan Kovacevic (12.1.43).

“Partly,the Serbs have futhermore showed themselves as the most reliable allies in fighting against the red bands,that is against communism.They are always ready to fight against the bandits with the German Wehrmacht and even to place themselves under it’s command”

ibidem,p.307;BA/MA, RH 24-15/10 SS-Freiw.-Div. “Prinz Eugen” an Gen.Kdo. XV.Geb.AK. (5.9.1943).

ibidem,p.232,footnote 179; BA/MA, RH 24-15/2 Bfh. d. dt. Tr. i. Kroat.,Ia-Lagebeurteilung fuer die Zeit vom 1.3.-15.3.43 (16.3.43.)

“In the future,ammunition will be handed out only to those Chetnik units who under German command fight the Partisans.”


Anonymous said...

There is plenty of evidence that Julia Gorin's view of the Chetnik's having saved not 1, not 3, not 30, but over 500 American airmen after the their return from the bombing raids on the Ploesti oil fields of Romania. Gregory A. Freeman is the author of a book documenting these actions in his book titled "The forgotten 500". You may find more at: http://www.gregoryafreeman.com/500.html

Hence Julia Gorin's research is completely accurate and befitting the true events. Will you, or will you not "rememberize" that Draza Mihajlovic was decorated posthumously by president Truman in 1948. Is that also a "fabrication"?

Any other "fabrications" or is this yet another CAIR attempt to discredit Julia Gorin?

Anonymous said...

I think Draza was also awarded publicaly by presisent ronald Reagan . Eisenhower also said good things about the cheniks . If pictures dont lie did we see the poor muslim women holding her dead baby shot by a Serb sniper . only later to have her family of Serbs to recognize her as a Serb women ?
why did we see bosnian muslims locked in Serb prisons only to find out the camera man was himself the only one standing behind a fence ? Draza has been vindicated from the cooked up communist charges he was convicted and exucuted for . Julia Gorin is one of the few leader in journalism that told the truth in Yugoslavia . She is right wing conservative becuase she is so anti communist , like so many other peole coming out of eastern europe . There are more communists in the United States ,France ,England and west Germany , Than their were in any of Yugoslavia's republics or Poland and Russia . In plain english the people that have had a chance to live under communist rule , dont want to try it again .
This is not true about NAZIs Croatia is almost as nazi now as they ever were , so is Finland and the Baltic countries . The nazi's were defeated before evreybody found out how much they hated them .

Anonymous said...

"why did we see bosnian muslims locked in Serb prisons only to find out the camera man was himself the only one standing behind a fence ?"

You poor brain washed ant... You see facts and links to documents and images but you answer with hear/say...

What pictures are you talking about, what is your source which side in this war? Stop with lies ...

Anonymous said...

If the Serbs were not American allies, who made this film?


Anonymous said...

If the Serbs were not American allies, who made this film? Ahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... Holywood made it darling ... or you did think it is documentary movie? Chetniks killed 9 german division hahahahhahahahahahahahhahah where? I onda je svizac zamotao ...