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Monday, June 25, 2007

On what side was serbian chetniks in WW2?

This is a question for Julia since she claims serbian chetniks are only freedom fighters , and even today Serbia is only country in world who equal rights for Anti-Fachist fighters and chetniks from second World War. Julia Gorin is constantly trying to prove that Croatians are followers of ustasha movement from 1941 and they exist in current Croatia, which is false accusation because Croatia is democratic state and forbid all hate and anti-semit usage of any symbol. But as in USA or any other country there is always bad seeds who pull bad light to whole nation. But does it apply to Serbia ? Obviously not since chetnik party is well established party in today Serbia. But since Julia is always try to remind her readers some lies about Croatia here is also reminder where was serb chetniks in WW2 and to answer me this question : Who collaborate with Nazi's in Serbia?

ibidem,p.517; BA/MA, RH 19 XI/18 Gruppe Ic/AO, Aktennotiz zur Beschprechung am 29.9.1944 (30.8.1944)

“As the Germans tired to have three of their V-maenner three out of 70 chetniks the NDH powers had arrested after the Otok massacre"
“We cannot abandon the only allies (chetniks) we have in this cursed country >Sauland< (Croatia).”

ibidem,p.373; PA/AA. Inland IIg 401, 2824 Kasche an Auswaertiges Amt (16.4.1944)

“Chetniks are the only useful fellow combatants”
ibidem,p.378; BA/MA, RH 19 XI/15 Erfahrungsbericht ueber Dienstreise Serbien-Kroatien in der Zeit vom 20.6-4.7.1944 (5.7.1944)

“Chetniks (…) our natural allies. Only they are fighting! “Kroatische Kampfgemeinschaft” exists only on paper.”
ibidem,p.378; BA/MA, RH 19 XI/29 OKW/WfSt, Gruppe Ic/Ao Vortragsnotiz fuer Aussenchefbeschprechung am 25.7.1944 (23.7.1944)

Following lines were written by Edmund Glaise von Horstenau in his diary:

“The units that could really be used against the partisans were the Serbian and partly the Russian volunteers and-Draza Mihailovic’s people.My liason officer with them was a certain major,Ritterkreuztraeger.”
written on situation in Serbia during his visit to Belgrade in June 1944.

ibidem,p.187; BA/MA, RH 26-118/32 Befehl and die Cetnikfuehrer Cvijetin Todic,Golub Mitrovic,Savo Derikonja,Radivoj Kosoric,Bozo Plemic und Dusan Kovacevic (12.1.43).

“Partly,the Serbs have futhermore showed themselves as the most reliable allies in fighting against the red bands,that is against communism.They are always ready to fight against the bandits with the German Wehrmacht and even to place themselves under it’s command”

ibidem,p.307;BA/MA, RH 24-15/10 SS-Freiw.-Div. “Prinz Eugen” an Gen.Kdo. XV.Geb.AK. (5.9.1943).

ibidem,p.232,footnote 179; BA/MA, RH 24-15/2 Bfh. d. dt. Tr. i. Kroat.,Ia-Lagebeurteilung fuer die Zeit vom 1.3.-15.3.43 (16.3.43.)

“In the future,ammunition will be handed out only to those Chetnik units who under German command fight the Partisans.”

And after all this ...

Modern groups claiming to be Chetniks fought as paramilitary units in the Yugoslav wars with the stated goal of amputating territory from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.[citation needed] They invoked the Greater Serbia ideology.

Vojislav Šešelj, a leader of the Serbian Radical Party, held a rank of voivoda of the Chetniks, given to him in 1989 by Momčilo Đujić, a surviving leader of the WWII Chetniks who fled to the United States.

Šešelj organized the modern Chetnik movement into several paramilitary units, including the "White Eagles" and "Srpski Četnički Pokret" who fought in the Yugoslav Wars which had been linked to several attrocities including Voćin and Vukovar massacres.

Serbian parliament has passed a law granting pensions to members of the Serbian Chetnik movement, the followers of the Serbian king who fled to London just before World War II. Bosnian born Chetnik commander Draza Mihailovich revived the paramilitary units and their trademark long beards to fight the Nazis in World War II, but later changed sides to back the brutal Nazi occupation. So Julia please do answer who have Nazi followers state Croatia or Serbia?


Anonymous said...

hehehe...funny stuff....no wonder there is no comments...Croats are fascists and the hardcore fighters of Stalingrad

Anonymous said...

Chetniks were allies of the U.S. and the royalists, and the partisans were communists and saveynici Soviet Union, Serbia was a civil war during the Second World War, both sides fought against the Third Reich

Unknown said...

What a crap of lies.You want to turn around history but this is not poossible. Yes the Chetniks where a half or one year colaborators but only to fight against the comunists. It is known that in the Chetniks legions where also croats and bosniaks. It is also known that 90% of villages and citys where liberated by chetniks and not by partizans. Why do you not write about the mission "high jump" where the chetniks save over 500 Amerikan pilots and the support by England in the beginning of ww2! Everybody knows who was bloodest murderers an allys of Nazis in ww2! It was the nazi puppet state of Croatia called NDH and their bloody ustashas who killed who knows how much inocent people, sure over a half million only Serbs where killed by them. The bosniaks and their cruel hangar division also have their bloody part against Serbs in ww2 and know when i read so much lies like this, than i think only what idiot can write something like this. Its pure propaganda against Serbs. But the best facts and proof of that who is a Nazi state and follower of their belives you can see from 1940 to now in modern Croatia where the people of Croatia celebrate the Nazis until now. Just look what the jew Efraim Zurof say about Croatia. Also you can see thousands of photos on google images about the crimes of ustashas and the Croats. Crimes against children and woman but not only, just look on Youtube and Google and how much facts and Photos you have about the claims that the Serbs and chetniks where Nazi puppets? Maybe 20? So please lie to some dumb people but not to somebody who knows the truth.

Sonja Fruk said...

Chetniks collaborated with Germans, Italians, Croatian Ustashe (for example in famous battle on Kozara Germans, Chetniks and Ustashe fought against partisans and folk population) and partisans (near the end of the war), this is their best description:
Professor Sabrina Ramet, a historian, has observed, "Both the Chetniks' political program and the extent of their collaboration have been amply, even voluminously, documented; it is more than a bit disappointing, thus, that people can still be found who believe that the Chetniks were doing anything besides attempting to realize a vision of an ethnically homogeneous Greater Serbian state, which they intended to advance, in the short run, by a policy of collaboration with the Axis forces".
The Chetniks were partners in the pattern of terrorism and counter-terror that developed in Yugoslavia during World War II. They used terror tactics against Croats in areas where Serbs and Croats were intermixed, against the Muslim population in Bosnia, Herzegovina and Sandžak, and against the Communist-led Yugoslav Partisans and their supporters in all areas. These tactics included the killing of civilians, burning of villages, assassinations and destruction of property and exacerbated existing ethnic tensions between Croats and Serbs.[15] The use of terror tactics against the Croats and the Muslim Bosniaks was a response to attacks on Serbs but was also motivated by traditional animosity and the policy that areas intended to be part of Greater Serbia were to be cleansed of non-Serbs in accordance with Mihailović's directive of 20 December 1941.[16] The terror against the communist Partisans and their supporters was ideologically driven.[17] In terms of Chetnik motives for collaboration, David Bruce MacDonald stated that it is "highly misleading to suggest that [Chetniks] throughout the war collaborated with the Germans and Italians to carry out genocide of Croats and Muslims (from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chetniks)
They did the same atrocities as in Balkan wars, WW1, WW2 and Greater Serbian war in 1990's.

One of their weapon is propaganda, where they project their faults to others. It is proven beyond any doubt that all photographies from "Exhibition Croatian WW2 Camp Jasenovac" (used for "justifying" genocide of Croats) show Croats killed by Serbs. http://balkanwitness.glypx.com/de_la_brosse_pt1.pdf

I suggest anyone interested in this topic to read: "Heavenly Serbia: From Myth to Genocide"
and "Serbia's Secret War: Propaganda and the Deceit of History" by Philip J. Cohen, David Riesman