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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is Julia Gorin communist ?

While Julia Gorin cry over Albanian blog poster on Huffington Post who seems cannot forget communist regime under Enver Hoxha, tyrant who declared Albania"the world's first atheist country,".

Erion Veliaj is acting just like Mr. Kokalari who used to write letters to the Congress and other representatives inviting Citibank and other big investors "not to go in Albania because it's communist"... so now you're basically saying "don't go to invest there at all becouse we have Chavez". Thus the end result is that you, the so called "Albanian-Americans" patriots don't do anything about the wellbeing of the country.

While Erion Veliaj cry because there are no McDonalds or ClubMeds in Albania, Julia Gorin use proven method to comment his post. She use quotes from comments of that post but funny she use only partial quotes to avoid viewing the whole meaning of comment. So her firsts quote is:

Dude, you must be paid a pretty penny by the Serbs,or Greeks to talk like that about Albania, its political past and future under Sali Berisha or any other Albanian leader. You should be ashamed calling yourself Albanian…

But that same user continues:

in a time when most of the EU countries and USA are trying their best to help the Albanian Cause, it's people like you that damage the immage of all good that is done during these transition period in our country. Nobody is perfect , but than what would you expect from a country that has no history in democracy, and its leaders were ex-communists until few years back. Do you think that they could become angels overnight. Look around the neighboring countries,in Greece they abuse the Albanian emigrant on daily basis, in Macedonia the Albanians had to pick up arms to defend their existence, and you know well what happened in Kosova. Now it is time for being united as ever before like George Kastrioti did 5 centuries ago, not the time to bicker about little problems that should be overshadowed in the big picture. But people like you, surely paid by the UDB, or other secret service police couldn't stay in place but have to spill venom like a snake. I say to you-- god bless and maybe one day you will understand how wrong you were, but I think that will happen when they stop paying you and your name will be posted like an informer on our newspapers.
After that Julia in her almighty godly powers bring protection by saying:

May God protect Erion Veliaj as his group does its important work.

I'm not sure which god Julia, because you obviously lost compass and even you don't know which god you are prying. For sure it is not Jewish god because you protect Serbian crimes over Jews , and antisemitism in Serbia today as I show you in this post here and here. If is it God of orthodox church read this to see what is expected from you. But I think you are unbeliever a simple small, pity communist from Odessa, USSR where your hearth belong.

At the end of mentioned blog post again Julia use only sentence what Erion Veliaj commented but again she forget to put whole answer. Why is that? Yes because Erion is mention Serbs and Greeks oppression and tyrant's. Here is complete quote:

I can't comment on UDB, communist, serbs, greeks and all that nonesense - the unfortunate thing about many of us Albanians is that we're too busy fighting with ghosts. Because, if you Mjolti truly cared about Greek violence, you should have joined one of the MJAFT protests in Tirana, Fier, London about the incident - or better even organize a protest yourself wherever you live, or call your congressman, or call to the Helsinki Committee in Congress. (where MJAFT has testified against another appalling premier named Fatos Nano). Now, this would be patriotic wouldn't it Mjolti? And yes Valerie, i too can't wait to be Mjaft-ed out, as I feel rather exhausted fighting it out with a few committed colleagues who left their cozy NY apartments to deal with the Berisha's and Nano's of Albania. But that would mean that, you Valerie, and others who disagree, actually DO return to Albania, and bring your better and brighter ideas, to not only boot us out, but most importantly to work on the ground so that fundamental rights are respected and concrete progress is achieved - only then will you have a good story to sell for Albania. And then, you may realize that shooting the messenger and cyber-nationalism may not quite be the most effective ways to generate change.
Last, my email may be a better way to redirect hate speech and paranoia. This way we spare western readers from more nasty 'image of albania' rhetoric, where folks are vilified for standing up for any principle.
Erion Veliaj

However, Mr Veliaj or anybody else like you or who may encourage you to write like this can not divert the real talk, the real issue, the most important issue, the imminent need for United Nations Security Council to adopt a new resolution on Kosova, based on Ahtisari recommendations and give Kosova, its so much deserved, and long waited: Freedom and Independence.

Kosova and Albania and Albanians in the Balkan and everywhere in the world, unlike some of their neighbours, Serbia, Greece, or Russia, will always support, be with and for America and Britain for many generations to come.

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Anonymous said...

Great way to sum things up in Albania, and very nice to read your posts. As for ethiest Albania we are gods prisoners or rob zoti