Song's of Greece ~ Julia Gorin Truth

Monday, June 25, 2007

Song's of Greece

Looks like latest Julia crusade is again against Islam. Poor Julia did have "divine intervention" by hearing songs in her head regarding opened mosque in Athens. Yet again he managed to throw couple lies in such a short article. So lets see what does she talk about.

Report by Oslo-based human rights organization Forum 18, has described religions freedom as the Achilles’ Heel in Greece’s human rights record. Ninety-five percent of Greeks are members of the Greek Orthodox Church, which is closely identified with the Greek State. Greece is the only member-nation of the European Union to ban proselytizing in its constitution, and the only EU nation whose record on religious freedom has been condemned by the European Court of Human Rights.

In view of the Olympics and also before that, there had been a decision taken to enact a mosque in Athens, but that undertaking faced a strong opposition by the Orthodox-led opposition to this project. This created an uproar in the press and people were thinking that it is not a good thing for a tourist who is coming to Athens to see as a first thing, coming from the airport into Athens, and that was supposed to be near the airport, to see a mosque.

But it’s not true that there is no mosque in Greece. There are over 300 mosques in Greece overall, but not a mosque in Athens, that was not the case. The mosques are there where there is a large part of the population being Moslems, and this is the case in Northern Greece.

There have been problems in the past with the Roman Catholic church or with Roman Catholic believers in Greece. It’s because from the legal side, the Catholic church was subject to characterization as an organization of private law, not of public law like it is for instance for the Islamic religion and for Judaism, so they have not been on equal ground with the other big religions. So that was a problem which created also some difficulties in the administrative day-to-day life in many instances.

So I ask Julia to enlighten us with story about Jewish heritage in Greece. When we see how well Greece Orthodox church is treating other religions we are sure Julia's story will be script to make a movie.