Julia is happy again ... ~ Julia Gorin Truth

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Julia is happy again ...

She is glowing in the dark, the UN asked Albanians in Kosovo to change their flag, whic obviously made Julia happy on her comments in Politcal Mavens column here are quotes:

KOSOVO must give up the black-on-red, double-headed eagle of the Albanian national flag and reflect the multi-ethnicity of the region.

But under a Western-backed United Nations plan for a Kosovo state, the new symbols must reflect that the region is also home to 100,000 Serbs as well as Romany and Turkish minorities.

So here is my suggestion to Albanians, accept this UN proposal and add this serbian flag so that you never forget what happened on Kosovo, so that generations know who to blame ... here is my idea what you need to add to flag.

Julia please tell us which flag is this and what doest it represent , and No Julia it isn't Pirates of the Caribbean