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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Julia Gorin translate this song ....

Since Julia is in the mood to translate songs from WW2 lets translate songs from recent history, 1991 Vukovar town in Croatia...

("Slobodane, Slobodane, šalji nam salate; bit će mesa, bit će mesa - klat ćemo Hrvate!...")

English translation would be:

Slobodane, Slobodane send us some salad, It's gonna be lot of meat, lot of meat, we will slaughter Croats!

Those were the words of the song Serb Chetniks were singing, marching under the black flag with a big white skull on it, through destroyed Croatian town Vukovar in autumn of 1991, a scene taken by BBC reporter. Croatian community in Great Britain protested to BBC why those words, heard so clearly and loudly, were not translated for English audience. In that piece showed on BBC TV after that, BBC blacked out the tone of mentioned song instead... The first version with the tone and clearly recognized words of Serbian song was shown on NTV and CNN, but also not translated for their English speaking audience.


Anonymous said...

This song (suppressed by the Western media; no translation was provided during that war) actually comes of as liberal compared to this one:
"Krajina Serbs, where will we go to slaughter, where will we go to slaughter; on the Croats, or on the Muslims, or on the Muslims! There will be slaughter, there will be slaughter there will be rape, there will be slaughter, there will be slaughter, there will be rape!"

Isn't it odd that the self-styled "conservative" Julia Goebbles, sorry, Gorin, sides with the Serbs in the recent wars who, in 1991 in addition to voting 27% for the openly fascist and anti-Semetic Serbian Radical Party, voted 67% for the Communist Aparatchik Slobodan Milosevic. Mind you, the voting trend stayed the same until Milosevic capitulated in Kosovo, then the Radical Party began their rise. Now the fascist Serbian Radical Party is the biggest political party in Serbia, with over 48% support. Yet no denunciation from Julia. Say it ain't so Julia? Could it be familial USSR Communist Comessar ties and membership creats sympathy for the Serbs?

Anonymous said...

I do as a Serb feel a little sorry for those soldiers and the words they were apparently using. I think that after 50 years of communist brainwashing of the true history of WW2 and furthermore, they have portrayed the Cetniks (British-US allies) as murderers so these poor soles I think first have adopted a falsely viewed picture of who and what those WW2 soldiers portayed and wanting revenge on upto 2 million Serbs massacred in WW2 and the thousands in vukovar before the liberation by the yugoslav army they resorted to a quite emotional state which I don't agree with however I cannot understand their anger after what they have witnessed! If this person here who referes to Julia as Goebbles wants to stand for human rights, she can come across thousands of videos showing massacres by croatian ustasa in ww2 and this war but hey that person wouldn't do that as they are probably pro ustasa and for that reason are refering to Julia as Goebbles ... quite rascist and my I say fascist!

Anonymous said...

Seems wars are all lies you can pick either side and get lies . It all depends on whose lies you wish to believe .Croats seem to prefer Nazi and roman catholic lies . Julia of course prefers the Serbs siories