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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Marko Perkovic - Thompson, true story about concert

Thompson became popular with their 1991 hit song "Bojna - Čavoglave", which was released during the Croatian War of Independence; a time when Croats were pitted against Serbs who opposed Croatia's Declaration of Independence from Yugoslavia. The song depicts a battle involving a battalion of Croat soldiers from Cavoglave, a village in the Dalmatian hinterland (and the birthplace of Marko Perkovic). The song includes the "za dom - spremni!" slogan which was used by the World War II-era Ustaše.

However the term did not originate as a fascist slogan; it has been used by Croats for centuries after it was used to salute Josip Jelacic,ban of Croatia - Za dom! -Spremni umrijeti!(For homeland! -Ready to die!).

Thompson often points out that he is not Ustasha or fascist, a patriot. He publicly says that he means no harm to any other nation, religion or people of different ideology. His songs talk about love for a woman, country, God and family. Thompson stated that there are three things that are most important in his life and in this order: God, family and country.

Thompson denounced Ustasha ideology numerous times.On his concert in Zagreb on 17 June 2007 he stated:

I can command nobody what to wear on my concert, and I have never encouraged anybody to wear a cap or shirt with letter "U". My message to all of them (and that I would say this evening too, if I saw [anything like that]): "Wear insignia of victorious Croatian army from Croatian War of Independence". It is sad that young people return so far in history and fall for propaganda.

During his last tour Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj, his concert in Frankfurt,Germany(country with the strictest laws against fascism)was also protested against by Jewish Organizations.They determinedly requested that the German government to ban the concert on alleged fascist lyrics. When German government received transcript of Thompson's songs,request for banning the concert was immediately rejected.

Thompson also in the response to all the people who accuse him of being an Ustasha,wrote the song Neka ni'ko ne dira u moj mali dio Svemira (Let no one touch my small part of Universe). In this song he accuses those people of hiding during the war,like a mouse in a hole. He claims that they have no understanding since they never fought for their country, and they have no appreciation for the people who lost their lives in the War for Independence. And now after the war they try to say that every solider is a criminal, and they who were hidden all the time are righteous one. And that he is fascist for them only because he loves his country and was not afraid to give his life for its freedom.

On the 17 June 2007 at concert on Maksimir Stadium, Zagreb, Thompson in front of 60 000 people stated that he is not fascist.

English translation of his words:

I'm often attacked and accused, that we are fascists, nazis, and by this you also who listen my music and follow. And we here by say to them that we are not fascists, nazis, but Croatian patriots. We tell them that there are values that we live for. There were people that we will never forget. And there are dreams that we will never give up. Because this country was made, our Croatia, on the blood and suffering of this generation, victorious generation.

Audience in sign of approval shouted medieval Croatian battle-cry, mostly known from Ivan Zajc's opera Nikola Šubić Zrinski, today used mostly to boost moral on soccer matches, U boj, u boj - Za narod svoj, in English translation, To the fight, to the fight - For our people.

So Julia shut your mouth once for all, if you want to truth simply ask. Or if you don't believe me ask your employees to translate all this songs and mentioned speech ...


Anonymous said...

i live in dubrovnik and evrything is true abaut thompson he is a patriot he loves croatia as we all do if we have to we will figth for our country we will die for her.we are free and we will be free as long as we hawe patriots like marko perkovic thompson.we love his songs and we love him.
za dom spremni!
bog i hrvati!
we like our country and thompson likes it.......

Anonymous said...

i live in Umag and i really like my Croatia.for me doesn't exist a beautiest country.they say that we attacked serbia but serbia attacked us for making a "great serbia"..we won without an army..we like thompson because he say the true..he was in war and he saw many things..we will stand against everybody who attack us..
we love our country and if it's necessary we will fight for it..
u boj-u boj za narod svoj..
bog i hrvati..
sve za nasu hrvatsku..i zivot..

Anonymous said...

i live in pag and i like thompsno.
serbians will say that we attack them but thats not true. for them everything is serbija. they say that dalmatia is serbia and envrything is serbija. in yugoslavija all croatian money was going in beograd(capital of serbia) to bulid tanks and army.
i love my county and i will die for her if I must.
bog i hrvati...

vjeraufanjeiljubav said...

I live in Frankfurt / Split, and I say thompson is sent from God :-)

Knez Perunov said...

""vjeraufanjeiljubav said...

I live in Frankfurt / Split, and I say thompson is sent from God :-)""

Thompson is a legend

I think that I am sent from Gods! :))))))

Anonymous said...

You kno i do not find anything wrong with what Thompson has in his songs the Serbs tried to rule many Croatia we got mad and fought for our independence now that we won that everyone gets mad and tries to tell us that we are neo-nazi fascits get the facts strait there are lots of serbs that talk about WWII fact is they just did not win

Toma said...

I live in serbia .I was here before the war and i will stay here.I,m perkovic. You dont know what hell is. Being croat in serbia for all this time.You wanna patriot? Please come to vojvodina to see the patriots.

Anonymous said...

marko perkovic Thompson is not a nazi never will be never gonna be one and for all serbia get lost cause u lost in ww 2 and Hrvatska won and serbia you'll never never take our Hrvatska cause it's our beautiful world and nothing will change that you wanna have War again come

but 1 thing Hrvatska is ready to fight for our freedom and our faith and wisdome and bring it serbia lets see what you got and serbia tryed takeing our hrvatska but they couldn't cause they're losers

Za Dom Spremni!
bog i hrvati!!
Marko perkovic thompson loves Our world and always will

Vladko said...

It's nothing wrong with being Nazi! Our present Europe needs Nazis to keep it white and Christian because the the governments of "lost" countries are doing everything to destroy other white countries.