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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Only in USA, Kids. Only in USA.

Since Julia is "on fire" writing about Croatia and try to explain to her readers that all Croatians are fachists and they all generally love idea of WW2 of so called "ustashe" I decided to write small contribution to that idea.

First of all Julia is one sad individual who never have visited Croatia but she reserve right to write about it. So as start lets see about latest of her writing's the famouse "ustasha" concert of Marko Perkovic Thompson. On her blog she claims there was 60,000 persons full of people Sieg Heil’ing which isn't true at all. It was 50,000 people and maybe 20-30 people with ustasha symbols and they are condemn by majority of Croatian people. Every single blog, forum, website talked about that subject and all agreed it is wrong thing. It is wrong to accuse whole nation for things what some individuals did, hell I can even go step ahead over Julia and accuse USA they are nazi government simply by looking at this video of NSM party rally.

It is clear what this people are saying in USA so I dare Julia to translate all Marko Perkovic Thompson songs which have been singed on mentioned concert and find any mention of WW2 , Nazi or ustasha. She can't because there wasn't any. That is truth not Julia's fabrications.

Yes there was some individuals in ustasha symbols but that concert wasn't nazi rock concert as she claim. Only thing what have to be done is to start obeying the law which forbid wearing any hate or nazi symbols in Croatia (but that fact Julia also forget to say), but in mass of 50,000 people it is easy that 10-20 persons hide what ever they want. But looks in USA they don't need to hide ... and it is fine for Julia

So I asked myself why then Julia is doing what she does?
Does she hate Croat's? Doubt it because she was never in Croatia and she didn't meet any croat's. Is she miss leaded ? Definitively, she gets information's only from one side and that is Serbian side. She live under impression Croat's pathologically hate Serb's and they do what ever they can to destroy them from face of the earth. Fact she forget to mention is that at 1990 when Serbian army attacked Croatia many Serbs from Croatia fight back on Croatia side. This picture about Serb's as victims made parallels and created some twisted Jewish-Serbian friendship so lets elaborate that friendship.

We were told that any unpleasant connotations of the word Chetnik was due to Croatian propaganda. Conventional Yugoslav history has it that it was the Partisans led by Tito and the Communist Party who fought the German, Italian, and other occupying armies and their local allies, such as Croat Ustashe and Serb Chetniks, and against overwhelming odds achieved what no one else in Europe could: the liberation of their country by themselves, rather than by the Allied forces. Now we learn that it was Chetniks, not the "Partisans" (the quotation marks are the writer's), who were true freedom fighters.

The Chetniks of today are freedom Fighters too, defending the right of the Serbs "to stay what they are, keeping their heritage... unmolested and together," rather than being a minority in any place. "Surely" we [the Jews] of all people should feel sympathetic to this sentiment," the writer says in conclusion.

This call tor Jewish sympathy and support for the Chetniks was published at the time world media were reporting in some detail how Chetniks were rounding up Muslim civilians in the towns and villages of eastern Bosnia, from Foca in the south all the way to Zvornik and further north, massacring them (mostly by cutting their throats with knives), and throwing the bodies into the Drina, thus repeating the same things World War II Chetniks had done throughout the region.

It is easy to see in this couple videos who are the chetniks : Real trueth about chetniks, symbols and songs, and many other things.

At the end is suggest Julia to finally open her eyes and read something before she write stupid things on blog and at least try to confirm facts.

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eric siverson said...

The author that wrote this condamnation of Julia's truth does not sign his name . I'am sure he got his information from the Croats . as he most likely lives there . I ask him where are the Serbs that used to live in Croatia . Yes I believe this Croat thinks he is telling the truth . The Croats are not bad people ,just very much miss informed people . NAZIs specialized in missinformation . At least this Croat was preceptive enough to notice the United States seems to have a problem with allowing missinformation too . Well my friend there is now a good possiblity that NATO is taking over from much the same agenda the nazis had before . NATO is searching the world for whomever they can call wrong doers , especialy if they have valuable natural resouces that can be explioted . NATO like the NAZIs before them want to help other people develope their resources . NATO always says its about a humanitarian crises . not about money . But it is always about money , oil or pipeline route to move the oil , which turns into money . In my oppinion Yugoslavia was a great country , you might of had some influence in the world . Now you are all little pupet states complete domminated and under control of the big powers .