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Monday, June 25, 2007

Julia in Holocaust Denial

I'm little confused is Julia Gorin really a jewish lady as she claims or she is more beloved to Serbian Orthodox church than any other religion? You must be wondering why I ask this. Well in her latest statement on Political Mavens, our belowed Julia again brings claims about some Serbian-Jewish brotherhood during WW2, here is quoute from that article:

Serbia condemns Iranian Holocaust denial meeting
14 December 2006 | 12:13 | Source: AP

BELGRADE — Serbia condemned a gathering of Holocaust deniers, calling it a “damaging and pseudoscientific” event.

The Serbian Foreign Ministry said in a statement the two-day conference that began Tuesday in Tehran is an “attempt to deny undeniable facts about the tragedy of the Jewish people during World War II.”

Serbia’s government considers the gathering a “damaging and pseudoscientific manifestation that cannot contribute to dialogue between cultures and religions,” it said.

During the Nazi occupation of Serbia and other parts of the then Yugoslav Kingdom, tens of thousands of Jews died. Less than half of Serbia’s 30,000-strong Jewish community before World War II survived the Holocaust. Many later moved to Israel or to the West.

I ask Julia what normal minded jew will use this quote as reference? So here is reminder for her:

The first experiments in mass executions of camp inmates by poison gas were carried out in Serbia, which became the first Nazi satellite in occupied Europe to proudly declare itself "Judenfrei" ("cleansed" of Jews).

"Come and see the anti-masonic exhibition. The Jewish dream of being the power of the world is now disappearing under the attack from finally awakened nationalism."

In August 1942, Dr. Harald Turner (the chief of the German civil administration in Serbia) announced that Serbia was the only country in which the "Jewish question" was solved and that Belgrade was the "first city of a New Europe to be Judenfrei." Turner himself attributed this success to Serbian help. The fight against the Jewish influence had actually started six months before the German invasion when the government of Serbia issued legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy and university enrolment.

"The Serbian chetniks of Draza Mihailovic were represented as fighters against the occupier, while in fact they were the allies of the Nazi fascists in Yugoslavia....The documents in this collection indicate clearly and unequivocally that the Chetniks collaborated with the occupiers, both in the military and political sphere, as well as in the domain of economic activity, intelligence and propaganda... (source: the Serbian scholars, Dr. Jovan Marjanovic & Mihail Stanisic, The collaboration of Draza Mihailovic's Chetniks with the enemy forces of occupation, 1976.)

"The kiss of an English Jew (like the kiss of death)"

Fully six months before the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia, Serbia had issued legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy and university enrolment. One year later on 22 October 1941, the rabidly antisemitic "Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibit" opened in occupied Belgrade, funded by the city of Belgrade. The central theme was an alleged Jewish-Communist-Masonic plot for world domination. Newspapers such as Obnova (Renewal) and Nasa Borba (Our Struggle) praised this exhibit, proclaiming that Jews were the ancient enemies of the Serbian people and that Serbs should not wait for the Germans to begin the extermination of the Jews.

A few months later, Serbian authorities issued postage stamps commemorating the opening of this popular exhibit. These stamps, which juxtaposed Jewish and Serbian symbols, portrayed Judaism as the source of world evil and advocated the humiliation and violent subjugation of Jews.

So Julia which religion are you again?

Julia please read more before you bring false claims, I suggest you start here ANTI-SEMITISM IN SERBIA DURING THE WORLD WAR II book by Ljubica Stefan who is retired professor: refugee from Belgrade where she lived for 30 years, researches genocide against Albanians, anti-Semitism and persecution of Jews, as well as the behavior of Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church in World War II.

But our bellowed Julia always like to pull parallels with recent events on Balkan states so here is short reminder to her from today Serbia:

Much time has passed since what has been described in Serbia, but anti-Semitism in Serbia, like the vampire, does not die. In 1985, the Serbian eparchy in Western Germany printed a book in Serbian and in Cyrillic written by the already deceased episcopate, Nikolai Velimirovic, supposedly in 1945 in the Dachau camp. The fact that this is completely untrue is another theme.

The book preaches to the Serbian Orthodox people:

"Today, Europe is primarily the battlefield of the Jews and the father of the Jewish devil. Europe is not aware of this and in this lies the dark tragedy of its peoples. Europeans, Christians and the anointed, have completely surrendered themselves to the Jews. They think as the Jewish people do, they have adopted Jewish programs, accepted Jewish lies as the truth, they travel the same paths as Jews and they serve Jewish goals".

There was no reaction from either side.

In 1991, the Serbian Orthodox Church organized the spectacular transfer to Serbia of the remains of this anti-Semitic ideologist. The newsletter of the Serbian patriarchy "Pravoslavlje" printed an article in January 1992 by their correspondent in Israel "Jews Crucify Christ Once More", with the following allegations:

"Many Israelis are sick with hatred for the Christians. The hatred is open among the ordinary people. Politicians are perfidious and work in secret.", etc. etc...

Two weeks later, the Holy Orthodox Synod announced that the text " sounds anti-Semitic, things are carelessly reported" and at the same time claimed: "the phenomenon of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism is completely alien to the tradition and history of the Serbian Orthodox Church". In February 1992, the Belgrade "Borba" wrote that at the entrance to the Jewish cemetery, someone had written: "Death to Jews and all Jewish p....", but the whole affair was covered up.

The "Tanjug" news agency announced a few days later that

"the Jewish lobby had arranged the diplomatic recognition of Croatia and Slovenia by Russia".
One of Seselj's commanders stated in Subotica that the property of Jews (and Croats) should be confiscated.

In August 1993, the president of the Jewish community in Belgrade, commenting on their relations with the Orthodox Church, stated in a conversation with Zagreb Jews that the Orthodox Church "still preaches deicide and is still streaked with anti-Semitism". Two months ago, in an Israeli newspaper, we learn that "a member of the Serbian parliament has accused the Jews of stabbing Serbia in the back".

It seems as if the "Borba" journalist was correct when he concludes his article with the following words:

" Propagandistic platitudes on the non-existence of anti-Semitism in Serbia do not correspond to reality: there has always been anti-Semitism in Serbia".

It is true, history does not repeat itself in Serbia, it merely continues in a uninterrupted series...

But since obviously it pays well you will always write articles to higher bidder.