I am helping Croatia, Eva! ~ Julia Gorin Truth

Monday, June 25, 2007

I am helping Croatia, Eva!

On her latest address to looks like many Croatians Julia dared to enlight us why is she writing about Croatia so she yells !

"I am helping Croatia, Eva!"

Well with such a friend of Croatia who needs enemies...

However, Julia plan to return to the subject of Croatia, especially since people keep asking me to address what happened in Vukovar. The next few weeks will be tied up with Kosovo, however, and I am on deadline for that.

I can't wait what will be her next story and waiting for her "truth" regarding Vukovar, for sure Croats as ustasha's killed between them self, or it was some kind of mass suicide group. Or is it mentioning Vukovar only a hint to her employees that she need another payment before she writes fairy tale. Again we will provide her with all materials regarding any case so for start here is short video specially for Julia.

And since you are on the subject could you be so kind and ask your employees to translate this song for you ?