Who are the teachers? ~ Julia Gorin Truth

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Who are the teachers?

I often wonder who teach Julia Gorin to write such a lies, I mean woman never been in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo but she claim to be expert for that territories. When you read her "articles" even blind man will spot she is pro-serb oriented so lets see what actual Serbs speaks about them self.

Dobrica Cosic Serbian forefather of a Greater Serbia idea and Former Yugoslav President in his “The Divisions” .

“Lažemo da bi smo obmanuli sebe, da utešimo drugog; lažemo iz samilosti, da nas nije strah, da ohrabrimo, da sakrijemo svoju i tudju bedu, lažemo zbog poštenja. Lažemo zbog slobode. Laž je vid našeg patriotizma i potvrda naše urodjene inteligencije. Lažemo stvaralacki, maštovito, inventivno.”

English Translation:

“We lie to deceive ourselves, to console others; we lie for mercy, we lie to fight fear, to encourage ourselves, to hide our and somebody else’s misery. We lie for love and honesty. We lie because freedom. The lie is the trait of our patriotism and the proof of our innate smartness. We lie creatively, imaginatively, inventively.”

Dobrica Cosic also comment
"That lies maintained the Serbian people as much as heroism."