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Monday, June 25, 2007

Material for Julia Gorin

Since Julia is obviously low on material for her latest lies here is two videos which can help her thinking. To avoid one side stories like Julia do first video is by Serbian (yes you read right) reporter.

Second is video regarding Srebrenica to who Julia likes to pull parallels and discuss about how many died there and how they died, so this is to remember her ...

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Anonymous said...

No question about it the Serbs were some times brutal and tough and really not political correct enough . However the western democracies don't honestly have much political experience in living with Muslims where they dominate . Since the war in Yugoslavia where we took the Muslims side against the Christins . We have seen what has happened to the Christians in Egypt , Iraq , Syria . Just maybe the Serbs where only reacting the only reasonable way anyone could react against Muslim forces like IS ISIL , AlQaeda , Boka harm , KLA , Muslim Brotherhood . We have called this Serb aggression fighting against these Jihad forces coming from all over the world against the Orthodox Christians of Yugoslavia . It looks more like we were wrong and the Canadian that said we bombed the wrong side wss right .