Lets stop Peace? ~ Julia Gorin Truth

Friday, June 29, 2007

Lets stop Peace?

Again Julia Gorin use well known method to trick readers and use quotes from other sites to fire up war in Bosnia, Kosovo and Croatia. While others are simply looking at future and try to help their friends, Julia thinks it is better to lie, deceive and avoid calling things as they are. In her latest post on Political Mavens she use partial translations and avoid telling the truth. She translate post from Rijaset of Bosnia and Herzegovina :

The Bosnian-Palestinian Friendship Society just formed in Sarajevo. Bosnian mufti Mustafa Ceric [who last year was hosted by an Atlanta synagogue for one of those interfaith dialogue routines] called for an end in killing between Hamas and Fatah.
But avoid translation of true nature of that post:

Preko palestinskog ambasadora reisu-l-ulema dr. Cerić uputio je poruku pripadnicima Fataha i Hamasa da, u ime djece, mira i sreće prekinu međusobne sukobe.

In translation: Over Palestinian ambassador reisu-l-ulema dr. Cerić address the note to members of Fatah and Hamas so that, in the name of children, piece and happiness stop all their conflicts.

Later on Julia again try to use common tactics who can be described as " When you repeat lie 100 times it will become truth" in some imaginary Serbian-Jewish friendship so she quote:

The “friendship” in the name of the society is no accident, she says: Serbs and Jews have had a long-standing and friendly relationship, and in Belgrade, where the largest Jewish community was, Jews enjoyed cordial relations with non-Jewish Serbs.

“(Former Yugoslav dictator Marshall) Tito had not taken a favorable view of Israel,” she says. “He sided with the Arabs, and a lot of the Serbian people didn’t go along with that. The Serbian people never had ill feelings for Israel.”

Even I proved to her here that:

According to a survey in 2003 by the Belgrade Centre for Studying Alternatives, a think-tank specialising in tracking public opinion, anti-Semitism was more widespread in Serbia than many once thought. Nine per cent of respondents openly declared themselves as anti-Semites, while another 31 per cent said they were undecided, the survey said.

And as for WW2 Jewish question I pointed her to truth here she still think her lies will become truth. But looks like she is the only Jew who denies Facts about Serbian-Jewish Friendship, but maybe this guys here will show her what she can see Only in Serbia Julia, Only in Serbia

In August 1942, Dr. Harald Turner (the chief of the German civil administration in Serbia) announced that Serbia was the only country in which the "Jewish question" was solved and that Belgrade was the "first city of a New Europe to be Judenfrei." Turner himself attributed this success to Serbian help. The fight against the Jewish influence had actually started six months before the German invasion when the government of Serbia issued legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy and university enrollment.

Julia Gorin is becoming true synonym for Juda, a traitor to her own religion!