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Julia Gorin lies to US veterans

In her latest post on her blog Julia Gorin write an article to American Legion Magazine, the publication of America’s largest veterans organization. It is her right to write such article but isn't right to lie to proud people who defended USA and other nations. In her article she again put lie about chetnik's role in WW2 like they were on US side. Well placed lie about saving numerous US airman's by Draza Mihajlovic is simple fruit of her imagination. She even dare to advertise it by saying to her readers "FYI: Draza Mihailovic is mentioned." so they take special attention to that part of lie.

Well Julia Gorin your employees again did give you false informations and you are cauth in another lie, but I believe you don't even know difference between lies and truth, you will simply write what ever higher bidder wants. Here is explanation:

Photograph taken at Dvori near Bjeljina, September 28 1944;

1) Draža Mihailovich,
2) US Army Colonel Robert H. McDowell,
3) Mustafa Mulalić and a group of Ustashas
Source: Web Archive - The Trial Of Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic - 1946

In the Ranger mission US Army Lt. Col. Robert H. McDowell "with the help of Lieutenant Nick Lalich" (NIKOLA LALIC, an American of Serbian heritage), gathered intelligence on Nazi troop movements and wrote a report on Draza's Chetniks movement. McDowell wrote that he "never saw any type of collaboration between Mihailovich and the Germans" and "did notice however how much Draza hated them." All I will comment is "Picture speak thousand words".

Serb-American Lieutenant Nick Lalich "( NIKOLA LALIC, an American of Serbian heritage)", with Draza Mihailovich. Photograph taken in September 1944 when Lalich "helped US Army Lt. Col. Robert H. McDowell"

Following lines were written by Edmund Glaise von Horstenau in his diary:

“The units that could really be used against the partisans were the Serbian and partly the Russian volunteers and-Draza Mihailovic’s people.My liason officer with them was a certain major,Ritterkreuztraeger.”
written on situation in Serbia during his visit to Belgrade in June 1944.

ibidem,p.187; BA/MA, RH 26-118/32 Befehl and die Cetnikfuehrer Cvijetin Todic,Golub Mitrovic,Savo Derikonja,Radivoj Kosoric,Bozo Plemic und Dusan Kovacevic (12.1.43).

“Partly,the Serbs have futhermore showed themselves as the most reliable allies in fighting against the red bands,that is against communism.They are always ready to fight against the bandits with the German Wehrmacht and even to place themselves under it’s command”

ibidem,p.307;BA/MA, RH 24-15/10 SS-Freiw.-Div. “Prinz Eugen” an Gen.Kdo. XV.Geb.AK. (5.9.1943).

ibidem,p.232,footnote 179; BA/MA, RH 24-15/2 Bfh. d. dt. Tr. i. Kroat.,Ia-Lagebeurteilung fuer die Zeit vom 1.3.-15.3.43 (16.3.43.)

“In the future,ammunition will be handed out only to those Chetnik units who under German command fight the Partisans.”

Friday, June 29, 2007

Lets stop Peace?

Again Julia Gorin use well known method to trick readers and use quotes from other sites to fire up war in Bosnia, Kosovo and Croatia. While others are simply looking at future and try to help their friends, Julia thinks it is better to lie, deceive and avoid calling things as they are. In her latest post on Political Mavens she use partial translations and avoid telling the truth. She translate post from Rijaset of Bosnia and Herzegovina :

The Bosnian-Palestinian Friendship Society just formed in Sarajevo. Bosnian mufti Mustafa Ceric [who last year was hosted by an Atlanta synagogue for one of those interfaith dialogue routines] called for an end in killing between Hamas and Fatah.
But avoid translation of true nature of that post:

Preko palestinskog ambasadora reisu-l-ulema dr. Cerić uputio je poruku pripadnicima Fataha i Hamasa da, u ime djece, mira i sreće prekinu međusobne sukobe.

In translation: Over Palestinian ambassador reisu-l-ulema dr. Cerić address the note to members of Fatah and Hamas so that, in the name of children, piece and happiness stop all their conflicts.

Later on Julia again try to use common tactics who can be described as " When you repeat lie 100 times it will become truth" in some imaginary Serbian-Jewish friendship so she quote:

The “friendship” in the name of the society is no accident, she says: Serbs and Jews have had a long-standing and friendly relationship, and in Belgrade, where the largest Jewish community was, Jews enjoyed cordial relations with non-Jewish Serbs.

“(Former Yugoslav dictator Marshall) Tito had not taken a favorable view of Israel,” she says. “He sided with the Arabs, and a lot of the Serbian people didn’t go along with that. The Serbian people never had ill feelings for Israel.”

Even I proved to her here that:

According to a survey in 2003 by the Belgrade Centre for Studying Alternatives, a think-tank specialising in tracking public opinion, anti-Semitism was more widespread in Serbia than many once thought. Nine per cent of respondents openly declared themselves as anti-Semites, while another 31 per cent said they were undecided, the survey said.

And as for WW2 Jewish question I pointed her to truth here she still think her lies will become truth. But looks like she is the only Jew who denies Facts about Serbian-Jewish Friendship, but maybe this guys here will show her what she can see Only in Serbia Julia, Only in Serbia

In August 1942, Dr. Harald Turner (the chief of the German civil administration in Serbia) announced that Serbia was the only country in which the "Jewish question" was solved and that Belgrade was the "first city of a New Europe to be Judenfrei." Turner himself attributed this success to Serbian help. The fight against the Jewish influence had actually started six months before the German invasion when the government of Serbia issued legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy and university enrollment.

Julia Gorin is becoming true synonym for Juda, a traitor to her own religion!

Do Jews kill Christian children ?

"Jews kill Christian children in order to knead bread with their blood."

"In the past five years over a hundred anti-Semitic books have been published in Serbia," said Aca Singer. Some of the latest are ‘The Serbs In The Claws Of The Jew’ and ‘Jewish Ritual Murder’. The IHTUS web site features copious amounts of anti-Semitic literature and calumnies. An article entitled "Ritual Murder among Jews" repeats all the old medieval libels against Jews as killers of innocent Christians. "When a ritual murder is carried out for [the Jewish feast of] Purim,” it says, “then the victim is usually a grown-up Christian. “This blood is then dried and mixed with baking powder to make triangular cakes…. It is possible to use the dried blood left over from the murder at Purim for the upcoming Passover festival."

The IHTUS publishing house is a privately-owned company, whose headquarters are in Zabalj in Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia.

Publisher in chief Ratibor Djurdjevic was a member of a right-wing, pre-Second World War organisation named Dimitrije Ljotic. After emigrating to the US, Djurdjevic returned to Serbia in 1990. Djurdjevic receives support from Zarko Gavrilovicn a retired priest from the SPC (Serbian Othodox Church). Djurdjevic wrote, translated and published books such as: The Elders of Zion; 3000 Years in the Service of the Satan; The Myth about the Holocaust; Judeo-Bankers and the Rise of Hitler and The Human Victim in Judaism. These books can be purchased cheaply in Belgrade, in fact, one of the bookshops specializing in such literature is located in the center, beside the Museum of Genocide. Djurdjevic expounds his views on the website, claiming his books are important for Serbs and Christians because they disclose information about "the powerful, but unrecognised rulers of the world – Jewish bankers. They are the most important collaborators of Satan in his evil enterprise against Jesus Christ." He adds that these unnamed Jewish bankers have brought much evil to the Serbs, having "started the war against the Serbs; provided assistance to the disintegrating forces in Yugoslavia; set Bosnia on fire; imposed a cruel embargo on Serbia and Montenegro; armed the Croats and Muslims... [and] demonised Serbs all over the world".

The Serbs are an obstacle to the forces of Jewish conquest in the Balkans, he argues. Djurdjevic's site promises future publications in a similar vein. Anti-Semitism in Serbia is not limited to discussions on foreign-registered websites and slogans painted anonymously on walls, however. It reaches young people through organisations such as Obraz, which target students and other young people with their hardline nationalist message.

Obraz, which means “Honour” is a right-wing movement preaching allegiance to the Serbian Orthodox Church and to Serbdom in general and encouraging passionate hostility to a list of what it calls enemies of the nation and the church. Mladen Obradovic, president of Obraz, told IWPR that Obraz’s core values were love of God and good will to people, regardless of where they come from. But their website tells a different story. A mission statement on the site contains a strongly-worded "Proclamation to the Enemies of Obraz", who are defined as "Zionists, converts to Islam, Ustashe [Croat fascists], democrats, false pacifists, perverts, criminals and drug addicts".

The above groups "shall be justly punished, because they should not be allowed to ruin the health of Serbian youth", the proclamation adds menacingly.

Obradovic was more nuanced in describing Obraz’s stance on Jews to IWPR.

“Because we are Christians, we cannot and do not want to hide the truth that many Euro-Atlantic powerful people of Jewish origin have revealed themselves as open enemies of the Serbian people,” he said.

According to a survey in 2003 by the Belgrade Centre for Studying Alternatives, a think-tank specialising in tracking public opinion, anti-Semitism was more widespread in Serbia than many once thought. Nine per cent of respondents openly declared themselves as anti-Semites, while another 31 per cent said they were undecided, the survey said.Many people on the street seem confused in their understanding of history and ready to blame Jews for their country’s recent setbacks.

One taxi driver told IWPR that “Hitler was Jewish and the fact that they [the Nazis] killed millions of their own people is evidence of how bad they are”.

He said Jews were responsible for the destruction of Yugoslavia because “Tito was Jewish”. He added, “The Jews wanted to destroy Yugoslavia for their own economic interests”.

Another woman interviewed on the street said Jews exaggerated the dangers of anti-Semitism for their own benefit. “Jews use anti-Semitism on purpose to gain privileges for themselves,” she said.

“Anti-Semites are people who feel unfulfilled, so they often identify strongly with their own race,” he said. “These people suffer from inferiority complexes and seek an identity in the collective, embracing extremist theories in the process.”

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another reader comment on poison posts by Julia Gorin

The continued references to Kosovo's government being 'Islamic' or 'Muslim' in nature are pure ignorance. Kosovo has been a secular society for nearly a century- in fact, more secular than the U.S.A. is today. Most Kosovars under the age of 50 today have never seen the inside of a mosque and know nothing of Muslim teaching and faith. They are in fact bewildered by these characterizations from western reporters and politicians.

Over the years, and in this report, there has been mention of al Qaeda ties to Kosovo. There is also the belief that the KLA were Islamic fundamentalists. Islamic Jihad. Where is the proof or even substantive evidence for either accusation? There is none.

As someone who travels to Kosovo frequently I wonder how and where the reporters who report such an image get their information or if they ever even leave their hotels. The politicians who visit obviously see only what confirms the opinions they arrived with.

The propaganda portrayed here regarding Albanian society, an Islamic government and violent connections with terrorists serves only to heat up the region for another war. Serb military and paramilitary forces committed brutalities against Albanians, which rival the most gruesome of the last century. The documentation is irrefutable. The Serbs still deny this, and reports like this are a de-facto sympathy for the Serb position.

As to an Albanian urinating on a church, I am disgusted at the display of disrespect. Revenge is on the minds of many Albanians. Albanians did their share of ugly retaliation. They all lived through a decade of martial law, massacres and a brutal war. People don't just get over this.

But a large majority has tried to put it behind them and is building institutions in their society to ensure a peaceful and productive future. I can provide many examples of this.

Reports like this which simply turn a blind eye to the big picture and give sympathy to one side serve only the purpose of continuing the cycle of hate and, as I said earlier, increase the possibilities for renewed war.

And another comment from US soldier :

This article is another attempt by Serbia to fool the world into believing that Kosova is an Islamic state similar to Iraq or Iran. Luckily, most intelligence people, including military people such as I, who have served in Kosova, recognize the Serbian propaganda for the pure hateful junk that it is. Serbia knows it has lost Kosova and is making a dying attempt to reverse time.

Nuke the Muslims yells Julia Gorin

Again Julia Gorin calls for extermination of Muslims all over the world, and she count the 1.5 billion this time. I her latest blog post he crusade on President Bush who addressed that he will make special envoy who will try to improve image of USA in over 50 Muslim countries all over the world. Still Julia think it is stupid idea and sarcastically comment that idea :

That’s right: WE need to improve OUR image in Muslim eyes.

No Julia we need to kill 1.5 billion people to make you happy ! Julia needs to make another Holocaust but this time over Muslim people so that she finally can identify with victims or honest and law obeying citizens. Can someone at least explain me how is this different from Hitler ideas about Jewish people ?

She even dare to ask "Are there still too many Muslims who support Israel?" like Israel didn't occupied Palestinian and attacked neighboring countries.

I also really wonder who accepted Julia Gorin in USA and who give her citizenship because she don't know nothing about great American history and democracy so here is short introduction:

Abraham Lincoln:

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?

George Washington:

There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet the enemy.

Since I personally also doubt she is Jewish, or maybe he switch religions as suits her here is also two short Jewish quotes:

Jewish proverb:

Listen to your enemy, for God is talking.

Moshe Dayan:

If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.

From our readers

Many of our readers are contacting me and support our struggle against lies which Julia Gorin is publishing on her websites, latest mail address to her statements is from Mr. Michael Dugandzic:

Zionist Extremist Ms. Julia Gorin’s Religious Hate against Jews...

Dear Ms. Gorin,

I quote you “Lady Sinjska: a protective Slavic goddess.” is just another example of your Zionist hate misinterpreting lies as the truth, Gospa Sinjska correctly translated is “Our Lady of Sinj” which refers to the mother of Jesus Christ a Jew she is neither Slavic nor a Goddess… Your conservative comedy has now moved from insulting Gentiles to insulting Jews, where is the end to your madness?

Kind Regards,

Mr. Michael Dugandzic

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is Julia Gorin communist ?

While Julia Gorin cry over Albanian blog poster on Huffington Post who seems cannot forget communist regime under Enver Hoxha, tyrant who declared Albania"the world's first atheist country,".

Erion Veliaj is acting just like Mr. Kokalari who used to write letters to the Congress and other representatives inviting Citibank and other big investors "not to go in Albania because it's communist"... so now you're basically saying "don't go to invest there at all becouse we have Chavez". Thus the end result is that you, the so called "Albanian-Americans" patriots don't do anything about the wellbeing of the country.

While Erion Veliaj cry because there are no McDonalds or ClubMeds in Albania, Julia Gorin use proven method to comment his post. She use quotes from comments of that post but funny she use only partial quotes to avoid viewing the whole meaning of comment. So her firsts quote is:

Dude, you must be paid a pretty penny by the Serbs,or Greeks to talk like that about Albania, its political past and future under Sali Berisha or any other Albanian leader. You should be ashamed calling yourself Albanian…

But that same user continues:

in a time when most of the EU countries and USA are trying their best to help the Albanian Cause, it's people like you that damage the immage of all good that is done during these transition period in our country. Nobody is perfect , but than what would you expect from a country that has no history in democracy, and its leaders were ex-communists until few years back. Do you think that they could become angels overnight. Look around the neighboring countries,in Greece they abuse the Albanian emigrant on daily basis, in Macedonia the Albanians had to pick up arms to defend their existence, and you know well what happened in Kosova. Now it is time for being united as ever before like George Kastrioti did 5 centuries ago, not the time to bicker about little problems that should be overshadowed in the big picture. But people like you, surely paid by the UDB, or other secret service police couldn't stay in place but have to spill venom like a snake. I say to you-- god bless and maybe one day you will understand how wrong you were, but I think that will happen when they stop paying you and your name will be posted like an informer on our newspapers.
After that Julia in her almighty godly powers bring protection by saying:

May God protect Erion Veliaj as his group does its important work.

I'm not sure which god Julia, because you obviously lost compass and even you don't know which god you are prying. For sure it is not Jewish god because you protect Serbian crimes over Jews , and antisemitism in Serbia today as I show you in this post here and here. If is it God of orthodox church read this to see what is expected from you. But I think you are unbeliever a simple small, pity communist from Odessa, USSR where your hearth belong.

At the end of mentioned blog post again Julia use only sentence what Erion Veliaj commented but again she forget to put whole answer. Why is that? Yes because Erion is mention Serbs and Greeks oppression and tyrant's. Here is complete quote:

I can't comment on UDB, communist, serbs, greeks and all that nonesense - the unfortunate thing about many of us Albanians is that we're too busy fighting with ghosts. Because, if you Mjolti truly cared about Greek violence, you should have joined one of the MJAFT protests in Tirana, Fier, London about the incident - or better even organize a protest yourself wherever you live, or call your congressman, or call to the Helsinki Committee in Congress. (where MJAFT has testified against another appalling premier named Fatos Nano). Now, this would be patriotic wouldn't it Mjolti? And yes Valerie, i too can't wait to be Mjaft-ed out, as I feel rather exhausted fighting it out with a few committed colleagues who left their cozy NY apartments to deal with the Berisha's and Nano's of Albania. But that would mean that, you Valerie, and others who disagree, actually DO return to Albania, and bring your better and brighter ideas, to not only boot us out, but most importantly to work on the ground so that fundamental rights are respected and concrete progress is achieved - only then will you have a good story to sell for Albania. And then, you may realize that shooting the messenger and cyber-nationalism may not quite be the most effective ways to generate change.
Last, my email may be a better way to redirect hate speech and paranoia. This way we spare western readers from more nasty 'image of albania' rhetoric, where folks are vilified for standing up for any principle.
Erion Veliaj

However, Mr Veliaj or anybody else like you or who may encourage you to write like this can not divert the real talk, the real issue, the most important issue, the imminent need for United Nations Security Council to adopt a new resolution on Kosova, based on Ahtisari recommendations and give Kosova, its so much deserved, and long waited: Freedom and Independence.

Kosova and Albania and Albanians in the Balkan and everywhere in the world, unlike some of their neighbours, Serbia, Greece, or Russia, will always support, be with and for America and Britain for many generations to come.

Serbian jihad connection

For years, the Serbian dominated Belgrade government has supported and trained PLO terrorists. Immediately after the murder of Leon Klinghoffer aboard the Achille Lauro in 1985, the terrorist mastermind Abu Abbas was welcomed in Belgrade. Since the late 1980’s, Abu-Nidal has maintained a large terrorist infrastructure in Yugoslavia, in coordination with Libyan, Iraqi, and Yugoslav intelligence services. During the 1991 Persian Gulf War, as Iraqi missiles landed in Israel, Belgrade supported its ally Iraq.

It is understood that Serb technicians are already helping the Iraqis prepare air-defense traps for Allied warplanes. The Iraqi air-defense system is currently based on obsolete SA-2 and SA-3 Soviet missile systems, which are no match for the sophisticated air power deployed by U.S. and British jet fighters patrolling the no-fly zones in northern and southern Iraq. The Iraqis are also reported to be seeking Serb assistance in modernizing their aging squadrons of MiG-21 and MiG-29 fighter jets. In return for Serbia's assistance in rebuilding Iraq's air defenses and making its jet fighters airworthy, Saddam has reportedly agreed to provide Milosevic with oil and cash to sustain the Serbs' battered economy and its war effort.

The Serbian military would be unable to function without a supply of Iraqi oil. And hard currency, which Saddam acquires from illicit oil sales, will prove essential for paying the salaries, and retaining the loyalty, of the Serbian military. The London Sunday Telegraph reported that the alliance was initiated by a Serbian military delegation that visited Iraq earlier, shortly before NATO launched Operation Allied Force last week in Yugoslavia. The visit was intended to explore ways in which the two countries could cooperate to their common advantage. Along with traveling to conventional military sites, the delegation also visited an Iraqi pharmaceutical plant at Samarra, 100 miles from Baghdad, which U.N. weapons inspectors say is a chemical weapons production site.

The visit by the Serbian delegation to Iraq was confirmed by the Foreign Office in London, where officials regard the growing cooperation between the two with alarm.

"It appears they have identified a common aim - to shoot down Allied aircraft," a senior diplomat was quoted as saying. "Saddam and Milosevic see themselves as international outcasts who must support each other if they are to survive."

Evidence of illegal arms sales came to light last October when NATO-led peacekeeping troops raided the Orao aviation factory in the Serb-controlled area of Bosnia. Among the documents they found was a contract for $8.5 million to repair and upgrade the engines of Saddam's MIG fighter planes. They also found a copy of a letter sent last September to the Ministry of Defense in Baghdad outlining precautions to avoid detection by UN weapons inspectors. They offered the help of Yugoslav experts to dismantle the equipment, and cautioned the Iraqis to hide the spare parts in a safe place. The letter went on to say that, when the possibility of being discovered had passed, the Yugoslav side would reassemble and operate the equipment again. That letter was sent to the Iraqis by Yugoimport, the Yugoslav arms export agency, and signed by the director of Yugoimport in Baghdad.

That office in Baghdad wasn't just there to arrange the servicing of Saddam Hussein's MIGs.

Just how much the Iraqis relied on the Yugoslavs for arms is laid out in a report by the International Crisis Group, an independent organization that seeks to pinpoint potential trouble spots around the world.

We spoke to the author of the report, Dr. James Lyon.

“What we later found out was that it was not just jet engines,” Dr. Lyon said. “There were a whole series of other weapons that appeared to have gone, including artillery shells, including technology that could enable Saddam to enhance his Scud missiles, including anti-aircraft technology, including a whole series of other military technologies and equipment. So it wasn't simply jet engines in question. It could have been a whole laundry list of equipment.”

How big a laundry list? “Some estimates have put it as high as perhaps $3 billion, others $1.5 billion, no one knows for certain,” Dr. Lyon says.

No one knows for certain because Yugoimport, which is a state-owned company, saw hardly any of that money.

Shortly after the raid on Orao, Croatian authorities, acting on a tip from U.S. intelligence, intercepted a ship called the Boka Star, steaming on the Adriatic Sea, and brought it to the port of Riyeka. According to the ship's manifest, the Boka Star was headed for Egypt with a cargo of water filters and charcoal. But that's not what Croatian police found when they searched the hold. A tape shot by the Croatian authorities reveals that the Boka Star was carrying 208 metric tons of explosives--some for use in artillery shells, and some that could be used to produce solid rocket fuel for missiles. From Syria, U.S. officials say, those explosives would have been trucked overland to Iraq to fuel Saddam's missiles.

Although the sales invoice was stamped by Yugoimport in Belgrade, Croatian police found that the Boka Star's cargo and crew came from many different regions in the former Yugoslavia.

Who are the teachers?

I often wonder who teach Julia Gorin to write such a lies, I mean woman never been in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo but she claim to be expert for that territories. When you read her "articles" even blind man will spot she is pro-serb oriented so lets see what actual Serbs speaks about them self.

Dobrica Cosic Serbian forefather of a Greater Serbia idea and Former Yugoslav President in his “The Divisions” .

“Lažemo da bi smo obmanuli sebe, da utešimo drugog; lažemo iz samilosti, da nas nije strah, da ohrabrimo, da sakrijemo svoju i tudju bedu, lažemo zbog poštenja. Lažemo zbog slobode. Laž je vid našeg patriotizma i potvrda naše urodjene inteligencije. Lažemo stvaralacki, maštovito, inventivno.”

English Translation:

“We lie to deceive ourselves, to console others; we lie for mercy, we lie to fight fear, to encourage ourselves, to hide our and somebody else’s misery. We lie for love and honesty. We lie because freedom. The lie is the trait of our patriotism and the proof of our innate smartness. We lie creatively, imaginatively, inventively.”

Dobrica Cosic also comment
"That lies maintained the Serbian people as much as heroism."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Liar speaks again ...

Julia again spit poison and antisemitism against Croatia, in her latest blog post she added some truly disturbing and false accusations and as always she didn't named any source. A letter from mysterious Alex have been posted, so lets analyze those claims.

I read an excerpt in a book once where a good Croatian who was imprisoned in Jasenovac

Ohh what is this in Julia's all posts only Jews and Serbs was in Jasenovac she didn't mentioned any Croats, this must be a shock for her that Croatian people also suffered under fascist regime. But again no name of that book ... but I witnessed Serbian concentration camps in Bosnia as whole world did.

The problem is that about one in 10,000 will turn on their community’s self-perception by openly saying anything judgmental about the Ustashi or what they did. When it comes to Croatian crimes, mum’s the word, they are always the good guys which of course just encourages more crimes because it does not dissaude the killers.

Ummm knock, knock under what rock did you been living Julia ? Croatia condemn all war crimes from WW2, but majority of Croats was in NOB (Anti Fascistic movement) during the WW2, Croats was killed and their houses burned to ground by Italians, Germans, Serbs and yes by Ustashas which is common knowledge and it teach in every elementary school in Croatia.

Re the Croats that were Partisans (what a choice: fascists or communists)

Now this is real Julia, person who denial any fact at all and spit on all Croats. Julia communist or not, they liberate Croatia and whole ex. Yugoslavia and they was part of great alliance against fascist and their allies. Deaning this is like deaning whole joined efforts of Russians, Americans and other nations who actually liberate your JEWISH people from concetracion camps. Basically you are saying Russians as communist didn't need to liberate your own people?

Mosha Pijade, the only Jewish person who was a top leader in Tito’s partisans suggested that the Serbian parts of Croatia be given their own republic separate and free of Croatia to reward them for being the bulk of the fighters in the partisan army against the Nazis.

Didn't you forget to say one important part Julia? Mosha Pijade was SERBIAN Jew! But never the less Serbian or not this is lie and you know it. In communist regime every mention of changing borders was punishment by death. You of all people as former USSR citizen should know that. Tell me was it possible in communist regime like USSR to claim that Ukraine needs more territories because they suffer more in war? So please shut up or when you make such stories put footnote "For Kindergarten use only" !

Meanwhile, they did not do such a bad job of achieving these goals as they waited: they divided Serbia in three so that rump Serbia was smaller than Croatia (despite having three times the population); in the 1950s they reworked the borders to take away Vukovar from Serbia and to make sure that Croatia gets the Danube river; they took strategically important Prevlaka from Montenegro; they banned Serb refugees of 1941-45 from returning to Kosovo; they pursued the policy that a weak Serbia means a strong Yugoslavia therby stifling Serb grievances; they kicked out half a million Italians from Dalmatia and made sure that both Slavonia and Dalmatia were swallowed up in Croatia, etc…., etc….

Serbia was smaller because it didn't deserve any special treatment I suggest you use search over Internet and put the word "Beogradski pashaluk" and see what I'm talking about, Vukovar was never Serbian city and Slavonia and Dalmatia are historical part of Croatia from centuries as shown on Croatian national flag. Your claims are nothing but old Serbian claims "Serbija do Tokija" (Serbia till Tokio) so I suggest to you to once again read Kosovo: From Ideology to Aggression many things from Serbian history will explain your lies and show you real picture about this area. Also good reading for you would be The Ottomans and Islam

The Croats did the same thing after the First World War switch sides at the very end to avoid reparations and punishment, but continue your goals.

Again unconfirmed, without any source lie!
In 1999 sources in the Republic of Slovenia reported that as many as 110 mass graves of Croats had been found in the country. They were said to contain the bodies of victims of the massacres, referred to in the press as "The Way of the Cross." Those sources stated that there was evidence of a large number of civilians among the soldiers. The Slovenian public reacted to the reported size and number of graves with shock. In 2001 Slovenian sources reported that the estimate of the number of mass graves had increased to 296, with the estimated number of victims increasing to 190,000, most of whom were thought to be Croats. The highest concentration of graves and remains was reported to be in the area of the Tezno Woods, where, it was thought, between 60,000 and 80,000 people were massacred. Some critics of these reports have said that while only a very few of these mass graves have been located and exhumed, the number of graves and victims is frequently revised upward for what appear to be political reasons.

At the end of post Julia again entertain her readers with songs and translations:

Re the Ustashi song and the River Drina: I once heard a song being played on a Croatian radio show in Chicago where they were LITERALLY saying “we will cross the Drina, plunge the Serbs with our knives, and make their bloody dead bodies float in the Drina.” I guess the FCC does not speak Croatian.

But still she refuses to translate this song.... from recent history

"Zacroy svoy peesavati rot, sooka"
is term which I'm sure Julia hear often from her Russian readers because as I hear she is known as Vziatochnik

Marko Perkovic - Thompson, true story about concert

Thompson became popular with their 1991 hit song "Bojna - Čavoglave", which was released during the Croatian War of Independence; a time when Croats were pitted against Serbs who opposed Croatia's Declaration of Independence from Yugoslavia. The song depicts a battle involving a battalion of Croat soldiers from Cavoglave, a village in the Dalmatian hinterland (and the birthplace of Marko Perkovic). The song includes the "za dom - spremni!" slogan which was used by the World War II-era Ustaše.

However the term did not originate as a fascist slogan; it has been used by Croats for centuries after it was used to salute Josip Jelacic,ban of Croatia - Za dom! -Spremni umrijeti!(For homeland! -Ready to die!).

Thompson often points out that he is not Ustasha or fascist, a patriot. He publicly says that he means no harm to any other nation, religion or people of different ideology. His songs talk about love for a woman, country, God and family. Thompson stated that there are three things that are most important in his life and in this order: God, family and country.

Thompson denounced Ustasha ideology numerous times.On his concert in Zagreb on 17 June 2007 he stated:

I can command nobody what to wear on my concert, and I have never encouraged anybody to wear a cap or shirt with letter "U". My message to all of them (and that I would say this evening too, if I saw [anything like that]): "Wear insignia of victorious Croatian army from Croatian War of Independence". It is sad that young people return so far in history and fall for propaganda.

During his last tour Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj, his concert in Frankfurt,Germany(country with the strictest laws against fascism)was also protested against by Jewish Organizations.They determinedly requested that the German government to ban the concert on alleged fascist lyrics. When German government received transcript of Thompson's songs,request for banning the concert was immediately rejected.

Thompson also in the response to all the people who accuse him of being an Ustasha,wrote the song Neka ni'ko ne dira u moj mali dio Svemira (Let no one touch my small part of Universe). In this song he accuses those people of hiding during the war,like a mouse in a hole. He claims that they have no understanding since they never fought for their country, and they have no appreciation for the people who lost their lives in the War for Independence. And now after the war they try to say that every solider is a criminal, and they who were hidden all the time are righteous one. And that he is fascist for them only because he loves his country and was not afraid to give his life for its freedom.

On the 17 June 2007 at concert on Maksimir Stadium, Zagreb, Thompson in front of 60 000 people stated that he is not fascist.

English translation of his words:

I'm often attacked and accused, that we are fascists, nazis, and by this you also who listen my music and follow. And we here by say to them that we are not fascists, nazis, but Croatian patriots. We tell them that there are values that we live for. There were people that we will never forget. And there are dreams that we will never give up. Because this country was made, our Croatia, on the blood and suffering of this generation, victorious generation.

Audience in sign of approval shouted medieval Croatian battle-cry, mostly known from Ivan Zajc's opera Nikola Šubić Zrinski, today used mostly to boost moral on soccer matches, U boj, u boj - Za narod svoj, in English translation, To the fight, to the fight - For our people.

So Julia shut your mouth once for all, if you want to truth simply ask. Or if you don't believe me ask your employees to translate all this songs and mentioned speech ...

Kosovo: From Ideology to Aggression

Jovan Cvijic (1865-1927) is considered the founder of modern geographic science in Serbia. He did extensive research and writing on Balkan geography. He had a great knowledge not only of the geography of Serbia and the surrounding regions but also of the history and current events of those areas. There is no one work of Cvijic that can be set aside as some kind of geographic doctrine for the Greater Serbian idea, but his political inclinations regarding Serbia’s expansion can be seen throughout his body of work.

First, some of Cvijic’s general thoughts on Serbia’s need and fitness to dominate the surrounding areas. Here he displays a great deal of emotional involvement in the subject at hand:

“. . . all Serbs were inspired by high national morale and a desire to avenge the old defeats and found a new, even larger state.”
(Cvijic, “Balkansko Poluostrvo i juznoslovenke zemlje, osnove antropogeografije, I, Zagreb 1922.)

“The world must know and realize that Serbia can operate with a much larger entity that the territory it now holds. The greatest possible territorial transformations may take place with Serbia. And we must not flinch from this fear pouring into the world if it is useful to our national interests.”
(Cvijic, “O nacionalnom radu”, commemorative speech 1907, reprinted in Govori i Clanci, I, Beograd 1921 p. 51-76).

He has the following to say on Serbia’s need and ‘right’ to an Adriatic outlet:
“. . .the aspirations of Serbia for the Albanian coastline are justified and conditioned not only by geographic but also by historic tradition.” “. . .for economic independence, Serbia must acquire access to the Adriatic Sea and one part of the Albanian coastline: by occupation of the territory or by acquiring economic and transportation rights to this region. This, therefore, implies occupying an ethnographically foreign territory, but one that must be occupied due to particularly important economic interests and vital needs. Such occupation might be called an anti- ethnographic necessity and in such a form it is not against the principle of nationality. In this case it is all the more justified because the Albanians of northern Albania came about through a merging of the Albanians and Serbs.”

A memorandum presented to the Royal Yugoslav government which outlines methods for removing Albanians from southern Serbia - a blueprint for ethnic cleansing

Vaso Cubrilovic (b.1897) was a historian, teacher and politician. As a youth he was in the Young Bosnia political movement and was involved in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. After the war he was a high school teacher and professor in Belgrade. He was also a political adviser for the royalist government of Yugoslavia. After World War II, he became a member of the Communist Party and as such held various posts in the Federal Yugoslav government. He was also a member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Cubrilovic presented the following memorandum to the Stojadinovic government in 1937.

While it deals with a specific topic, the expulsion of Albanians from southern Serbia, it also expresses Serbian paranoia at losing land or their perceived dominance in the Balkans. It shows the Machiavellian lengths some Greater Serbian ideologists will condone and employ to reach their goals, all of which is apparent in the present conflict. It is also interesting to note that many of the measures Cubrilovic suggests were and still are being used by the present Serbian regime in Kosovo.

Without a doubt, the main cause for the lack of success of our colonization in those regions was that the best land remained in the hands of the Albanians. The only possible way for our mass colonization of those regions was to take the land from the Albanians. After the war, at the time of the rebellion and actions of the insurgents, this could have been achieved easily by expelling part of the Albanian population to Albania, by not legalizing their usurpations and by buying their pastures. Here we must return again to the gross error of our post-war concept about the right to possession of the land, instead of taking advantage of the concept of the Albanians themselves about their ownership of the land they had usurped-scarcely any of them had title-deeds issued by the Turks, and those only for land purchased, to the detriment of our nation and state, we not only legalized all of these usurpations, but worse still, accustomed the Albanians to Western European ideas of private property. Prior to that, they could never have had these ideas. In this way, we ourselves handed them a weapon to defend themselves, to keep the best land for themselves and make the nationalization of one of the regions most important to us impossible.

Besides this block of 18 districts, the Albanians and other national minorities in the other parts of the southern regions are dispersed and therefore, not so dangerous to our national and state life. To nationalize the regions around the Sar Mountain means to bury any irredentism forever, to ensure our power in these territories forever.

As we have already stressed, the mass removal of the Albanians from their triangle is the only effective coursefor us. To bring about the relocation of a whole population, then the first prerequisite is the creation of a suitable psychosis. It can be created in many ways.

As is known, the Muslim masses, in general, are very readily influenced, especially by religion and are superstitious and fanatical. Therefore, first of all we must win over their clergy and men of influence, through money or threats, to support the relocation of the Albanians. Agitators to advocate this removal must be found, as quickly as possible, especially from Turkey, if it will provide them for us.

Another means would be coercion by the state apparatus. The law must be enforced to the letter so as to make staying intolerable for the Albanians: fines and imprisonments, the ruthless application of all police dispositions, such as the prohibition of smuggling, cutting forests, damaging agriculture, leaving dogs unchained, compulsory labor and any other measure that an experienced police force can contrive. From the economic aspect: the refusal to recognize the old land deeds, the work with the land register should immediately include the ruthless collection of taxes and the payment of all private and public debts, the requisitioning of all state and communal pastures, the cancellation of concessions, the withdrawal of permits to exercise a profession, dismissal from the state, private, and communal offices etc., will hasten the process of their removal. Health measures: the brutal application of all the dispositions even in homes, pulling down encircling walls and high hedges around houses, rigorous application of veterinary measures which would result in impeding the sale of livestock on the market, etc. can also be applied in an effective and practical way. When it comes to religion the Albanians are very touchy, and thus they must be harassed on this score, too. This can be achieved through illtreatment of their clergy, the destruction of their cemeteries, the prohibition of polygamy, and especially the inflexible application of the law compelling girls to attend elementary schools, wherever they are.

Private initiative, too, can assist greatly in this direction. We should distribute weapons to our colonists as need be. The old forms of cetnik action should be organized and secretly assisted. In particular, a tide of Montenegrins should be launched from the mountain pastures, in order to create a large-scale conflict with the Albanians in Metohija. This conflict should be prepared by means of our trusted people. It should be encouraged and this can be done easily once the Albanians revolt; the whole affair should be presented as a conflict between clans and, if need be, ascribed to economic reasons. Finally, local riots can be incited. These will be bloodily suppressed with the most effective means, but by the colonists from Montenegrin clans and the cetniks, rather than by means of the army. There remains one more means, which Serbia employed with great practical effect after 1878, that is, by secretly burning down Albanian villages and city quarters.

Hence, if we want the colonists to remain where they are, they must be assured of acquiring all the means of livelihood within a few years. We must ruthlessly prohibit any speculation with the houses and properties of displaced Albanians. The state must reserve for itself the unlimited right to dispose of the fixed and movable assets of the people transferred and must settle its own colonists there immediately after the departure of the Albanians. This must be done because it will rarely happen that a whole village departs at once. The first to be settled in these villages should be the Montenegrins, as arrogant, irascible and merciless people, who will drive the remaining Albanians away with their behavior, and then the colonists from other regions can be brought in.

Julia is happy again ...

She is glowing in the dark, the UN asked Albanians in Kosovo to change their flag, whic obviously made Julia happy on her comments in Politcal Mavens column here are quotes:

KOSOVO must give up the black-on-red, double-headed eagle of the Albanian national flag and reflect the multi-ethnicity of the region.

But under a Western-backed United Nations plan for a Kosovo state, the new symbols must reflect that the region is also home to 100,000 Serbs as well as Romany and Turkish minorities.

So here is my suggestion to Albanians, accept this UN proposal and add this serbian flag so that you never forget what happened on Kosovo, so that generations know who to blame ... here is my idea what you need to add to flag.

Julia please tell us which flag is this and what doest it represent , and No Julia it isn't Pirates of the Caribbean

What’s Wrong with Israel and Serbia, Nothing According to Julia

I mean please Julia even I proved you "brotherhood" relationships of jews and serbians from history till today, but you still continue to write lies about it on Political Mavens . Is this your heritage ? Trying to make connection between country who caused war on Balkan, made mass executions, made first concentration camps since WW2, rape, killed and expelled over million persons and in the end committed genocide? I can understand you in one part because you come from USSR with majority of Christian orthodox church an you hearth is pulling to your slavic orthodox "brothers" but is this something you would forget your own religion?

Is this good thing about serbs ?

Or maybe you should comment this and explain your christian employees if they dont understand english:

Hmmm I wonder why this remind me of 1990's and some Serbian gatherings in Croatia where they yelled "This is Serbia"

At the end one comment: "People who don't know their heritage and they don't respect own religion are lower than worms" and your writing regarding jewish people is similar to this Sebians destroying their own church:

Monday, June 25, 2007

I am helping Croatia, Eva!

On her latest address to looks like many Croatians Julia dared to enlight us why is she writing about Croatia so she yells !

"I am helping Croatia, Eva!"

Well with such a friend of Croatia who needs enemies...

However, Julia plan to return to the subject of Croatia, especially since people keep asking me to address what happened in Vukovar. The next few weeks will be tied up with Kosovo, however, and I am on deadline for that.

I can't wait what will be her next story and waiting for her "truth" regarding Vukovar, for sure Croats as ustasha's killed between them self, or it was some kind of mass suicide group. Or is it mentioning Vukovar only a hint to her employees that she need another payment before she writes fairy tale. Again we will provide her with all materials regarding any case so for start here is short video specially for Julia.

And since you are on the subject could you be so kind and ask your employees to translate this song for you ?

Julia in Holocaust Denial

I'm little confused is Julia Gorin really a jewish lady as she claims or she is more beloved to Serbian Orthodox church than any other religion? You must be wondering why I ask this. Well in her latest statement on Political Mavens, our belowed Julia again brings claims about some Serbian-Jewish brotherhood during WW2, here is quoute from that article:

Serbia condemns Iranian Holocaust denial meeting
14 December 2006 | 12:13 | Source: AP

BELGRADE — Serbia condemned a gathering of Holocaust deniers, calling it a “damaging and pseudoscientific” event.

The Serbian Foreign Ministry said in a statement the two-day conference that began Tuesday in Tehran is an “attempt to deny undeniable facts about the tragedy of the Jewish people during World War II.”

Serbia’s government considers the gathering a “damaging and pseudoscientific manifestation that cannot contribute to dialogue between cultures and religions,” it said.

During the Nazi occupation of Serbia and other parts of the then Yugoslav Kingdom, tens of thousands of Jews died. Less than half of Serbia’s 30,000-strong Jewish community before World War II survived the Holocaust. Many later moved to Israel or to the West.

I ask Julia what normal minded jew will use this quote as reference? So here is reminder for her:

The first experiments in mass executions of camp inmates by poison gas were carried out in Serbia, which became the first Nazi satellite in occupied Europe to proudly declare itself "Judenfrei" ("cleansed" of Jews).

"Come and see the anti-masonic exhibition. The Jewish dream of being the power of the world is now disappearing under the attack from finally awakened nationalism."

In August 1942, Dr. Harald Turner (the chief of the German civil administration in Serbia) announced that Serbia was the only country in which the "Jewish question" was solved and that Belgrade was the "first city of a New Europe to be Judenfrei." Turner himself attributed this success to Serbian help. The fight against the Jewish influence had actually started six months before the German invasion when the government of Serbia issued legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy and university enrolment.

"The Serbian chetniks of Draza Mihailovic were represented as fighters against the occupier, while in fact they were the allies of the Nazi fascists in Yugoslavia....The documents in this collection indicate clearly and unequivocally that the Chetniks collaborated with the occupiers, both in the military and political sphere, as well as in the domain of economic activity, intelligence and propaganda... (source: the Serbian scholars, Dr. Jovan Marjanovic & Mihail Stanisic, The collaboration of Draza Mihailovic's Chetniks with the enemy forces of occupation, 1976.)

"The kiss of an English Jew (like the kiss of death)"

Fully six months before the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia, Serbia had issued legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy and university enrolment. One year later on 22 October 1941, the rabidly antisemitic "Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibit" opened in occupied Belgrade, funded by the city of Belgrade. The central theme was an alleged Jewish-Communist-Masonic plot for world domination. Newspapers such as Obnova (Renewal) and Nasa Borba (Our Struggle) praised this exhibit, proclaiming that Jews were the ancient enemies of the Serbian people and that Serbs should not wait for the Germans to begin the extermination of the Jews.

A few months later, Serbian authorities issued postage stamps commemorating the opening of this popular exhibit. These stamps, which juxtaposed Jewish and Serbian symbols, portrayed Judaism as the source of world evil and advocated the humiliation and violent subjugation of Jews.

So Julia which religion are you again?

Julia please read more before you bring false claims, I suggest you start here ANTI-SEMITISM IN SERBIA DURING THE WORLD WAR II book by Ljubica Stefan who is retired professor: refugee from Belgrade where she lived for 30 years, researches genocide against Albanians, anti-Semitism and persecution of Jews, as well as the behavior of Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church in World War II.

But our bellowed Julia always like to pull parallels with recent events on Balkan states so here is short reminder to her from today Serbia:

Much time has passed since what has been described in Serbia, but anti-Semitism in Serbia, like the vampire, does not die. In 1985, the Serbian eparchy in Western Germany printed a book in Serbian and in Cyrillic written by the already deceased episcopate, Nikolai Velimirovic, supposedly in 1945 in the Dachau camp. The fact that this is completely untrue is another theme.

The book preaches to the Serbian Orthodox people:

"Today, Europe is primarily the battlefield of the Jews and the father of the Jewish devil. Europe is not aware of this and in this lies the dark tragedy of its peoples. Europeans, Christians and the anointed, have completely surrendered themselves to the Jews. They think as the Jewish people do, they have adopted Jewish programs, accepted Jewish lies as the truth, they travel the same paths as Jews and they serve Jewish goals".

There was no reaction from either side.

In 1991, the Serbian Orthodox Church organized the spectacular transfer to Serbia of the remains of this anti-Semitic ideologist. The newsletter of the Serbian patriarchy "Pravoslavlje" printed an article in January 1992 by their correspondent in Israel "Jews Crucify Christ Once More", with the following allegations:

"Many Israelis are sick with hatred for the Christians. The hatred is open among the ordinary people. Politicians are perfidious and work in secret.", etc. etc...

Two weeks later, the Holy Orthodox Synod announced that the text " sounds anti-Semitic, things are carelessly reported" and at the same time claimed: "the phenomenon of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism is completely alien to the tradition and history of the Serbian Orthodox Church". In February 1992, the Belgrade "Borba" wrote that at the entrance to the Jewish cemetery, someone had written: "Death to Jews and all Jewish p....", but the whole affair was covered up.

The "Tanjug" news agency announced a few days later that

"the Jewish lobby had arranged the diplomatic recognition of Croatia and Slovenia by Russia".
One of Seselj's commanders stated in Subotica that the property of Jews (and Croats) should be confiscated.

In August 1993, the president of the Jewish community in Belgrade, commenting on their relations with the Orthodox Church, stated in a conversation with Zagreb Jews that the Orthodox Church "still preaches deicide and is still streaked with anti-Semitism". Two months ago, in an Israeli newspaper, we learn that "a member of the Serbian parliament has accused the Jews of stabbing Serbia in the back".

It seems as if the "Borba" journalist was correct when he concludes his article with the following words:

" Propagandistic platitudes on the non-existence of anti-Semitism in Serbia do not correspond to reality: there has always been anti-Semitism in Serbia".

It is true, history does not repeat itself in Serbia, it merely continues in a uninterrupted series...

But since obviously it pays well you will always write articles to higher bidder.

Flies out of the mouth

Looks like Julia got so many angry mails regarding her latest blog posts in which she accused Croatia as Nazi state and give proof by showing images from concert of Marko Perkovic Thompson and claimed 60,000 Nazis was on that concert. Well Julia I must say when you write lies it come back to you so continue to write one sided stories and I'm sure you will get even more hate mails. You are accepted in country who is proud to call democratic country but still you look like you never forget your USSR past.

Democracy isn't MONOLOG it is DIALOG but you are so afraid to put comments on your blog's because you are afraid people will post true stories not your twisted manipulations, you simply don't allow any dialog because you believe your word should be only word.
Here are some latest fabrications from Julia blog:

No, the problem is that no one knows enough about Croatia to dislike the Ustashas. That’s why I’m shining a light on this under-reported phenomenon.

Funny thing Julia never write about Serbian things and put a little candle to bright a light to their crimes and victims.

How have I offended the Nazi/Ustashas of Croatia? If they are what they are, then I haven’t given them anything to object to, and they should be proud of my publicizing their activities. There is nothing in my posts to offend a proud Ustasha. But if all the angry letters are coming from the non-Ustashas of Croatia, then Croatia has an even bigger problem than it knows.

No Julia you offended Croatian people in general by connecting whole nation as Nazi nation. Real Ustasha (even I doubt they exist because WW2 is over long time ago) are not offended, but proud and hard working people of Croatia are. Cmo'n write something about chetniks and pull a parallel from WW2 and today chetnik movement in Serbia, make proper connection which country support Nazi ideology. Because as coin every story have two sides.

I did hear from a kind lady named Eva in Ivanic Grad, Croatia, but she was in denial that Thompson harbors Ustasha sympathies, despite his remake of a 1942 Croatian Nazi song glorifying the extermination of Jews and Serbs.

Once again nothing buy lies came from Julia mouth. She speaks about Marko Perkovic Thompson song which he NEVER singed especially on any concert. She is referring to song "Jasenovac i Gradiska stara..." often connected to mentioned singer without any proof at all. But Julia refuse to translate Thompson's songs singed at his concerts because her translators know he sings about his country and cultural heritage of Croatia.

The way I help call attention to issues is to shine a light on them, so that there can be greater public scrutiny than there currently is. Countries don’t become healthy if the world remains unaware of what happens there. That is the very reason that Croatia’s Nazi sympathizers are more mainstream than they are in other countries.

Lies, lies and even more lies. Ustasha movement (if there is any) is FORBIDDEN in Croatia as Nazist symbols and whole anti antisemitism and they don't have any political or any other influence to government. But proper truth what Julia is avoiding to say that actually Serbia (and people who write her paycheck) have more Nazi sympathizers than they are in other countries. Simply look ate chetnik movement in Serbia which is recognized by government and even have followers thru Radical Party and their leader (accused for war crimes) Vojislav Seselj, hell even Serbian parliament has passed a law granting pensions to members of the Serbian Chetnik movement.

Meanwhile, let me once again call attention to the storm that is caused when someone points a finger of blame for Balkan troubles at someone other than Serbs. It’s very interesting that this isn’t acceptable, whether we’re talking about Albanians, Croatians or Bosnians.

Hmmm other than Serbs ??? I can believe my eyes... how about read some more articles ans see who the f*** started war at Balkans? Who attacked Slovenia in 3 days war? Albanians, Croatians or Bosnians ? No Serbian Army ! Who attacked Croatia and try to separate part of Croatia ? Albanians, Croatians or Bosnians ? Nope wrong again it was Serbs ! Bosnia maybe, Sarajevo, Srebrenica etc...? Albanians, Croatians or Bosnians ? Nahhh, Serbs did it! Kosovo? Albanians, Croatians or Bosnians ? I think you get it now , yes Julia Serbs did it again.

Then our Serbian neighbors said, don't you go, we won't hurt you. But we didn't listen, we went to an orchard of ours for a month, near some woods of ours. All the women, children and men, we slept there. And they came, looted the village, saw we weren't there, they were all neighbors, nobody from outside.

She said that she saw her husband, son and brother for the last time nine months ago, when their Serbian neighbors from a village in the vicinity of Foca took them away somewhere down the alley pointing rifles at them. Before taking them they beat them up, tore up their documents, took away their leather jackets, wedding rings and money. No one has seen them since or heard anything about them.

So looks like no matter how big your payments are from Serbian lobby even you have blood on your hands and I wonder how well you sleep at night.

On what side was serbian chetniks in WW2?

This is a question for Julia since she claims serbian chetniks are only freedom fighters , and even today Serbia is only country in world who equal rights for Anti-Fachist fighters and chetniks from second World War. Julia Gorin is constantly trying to prove that Croatians are followers of ustasha movement from 1941 and they exist in current Croatia, which is false accusation because Croatia is democratic state and forbid all hate and anti-semit usage of any symbol. But as in USA or any other country there is always bad seeds who pull bad light to whole nation. But does it apply to Serbia ? Obviously not since chetnik party is well established party in today Serbia. But since Julia is always try to remind her readers some lies about Croatia here is also reminder where was serb chetniks in WW2 and to answer me this question : Who collaborate with Nazi's in Serbia?

ibidem,p.517; BA/MA, RH 19 XI/18 Gruppe Ic/AO, Aktennotiz zur Beschprechung am 29.9.1944 (30.8.1944)

“As the Germans tired to have three of their V-maenner three out of 70 chetniks the NDH powers had arrested after the Otok massacre"
“We cannot abandon the only allies (chetniks) we have in this cursed country >Sauland< (Croatia).”

ibidem,p.373; PA/AA. Inland IIg 401, 2824 Kasche an Auswaertiges Amt (16.4.1944)

“Chetniks are the only useful fellow combatants”
ibidem,p.378; BA/MA, RH 19 XI/15 Erfahrungsbericht ueber Dienstreise Serbien-Kroatien in der Zeit vom 20.6-4.7.1944 (5.7.1944)

“Chetniks (…) our natural allies. Only they are fighting! “Kroatische Kampfgemeinschaft” exists only on paper.”
ibidem,p.378; BA/MA, RH 19 XI/29 OKW/WfSt, Gruppe Ic/Ao Vortragsnotiz fuer Aussenchefbeschprechung am 25.7.1944 (23.7.1944)

Following lines were written by Edmund Glaise von Horstenau in his diary:

“The units that could really be used against the partisans were the Serbian and partly the Russian volunteers and-Draza Mihailovic’s people.My liason officer with them was a certain major,Ritterkreuztraeger.”
written on situation in Serbia during his visit to Belgrade in June 1944.

ibidem,p.187; BA/MA, RH 26-118/32 Befehl and die Cetnikfuehrer Cvijetin Todic,Golub Mitrovic,Savo Derikonja,Radivoj Kosoric,Bozo Plemic und Dusan Kovacevic (12.1.43).

“Partly,the Serbs have futhermore showed themselves as the most reliable allies in fighting against the red bands,that is against communism.They are always ready to fight against the bandits with the German Wehrmacht and even to place themselves under it’s command”

ibidem,p.307;BA/MA, RH 24-15/10 SS-Freiw.-Div. “Prinz Eugen” an Gen.Kdo. XV.Geb.AK. (5.9.1943).

ibidem,p.232,footnote 179; BA/MA, RH 24-15/2 Bfh. d. dt. Tr. i. Kroat.,Ia-Lagebeurteilung fuer die Zeit vom 1.3.-15.3.43 (16.3.43.)

“In the future,ammunition will be handed out only to those Chetnik units who under German command fight the Partisans.”

And after all this ...

Modern groups claiming to be Chetniks fought as paramilitary units in the Yugoslav wars with the stated goal of amputating territory from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.[citation needed] They invoked the Greater Serbia ideology.

Vojislav Šešelj, a leader of the Serbian Radical Party, held a rank of voivoda of the Chetniks, given to him in 1989 by Momčilo Đujić, a surviving leader of the WWII Chetniks who fled to the United States.

Šešelj organized the modern Chetnik movement into several paramilitary units, including the "White Eagles" and "Srpski Četnički Pokret" who fought in the Yugoslav Wars which had been linked to several attrocities including Voćin and Vukovar massacres.

Serbian parliament has passed a law granting pensions to members of the Serbian Chetnik movement, the followers of the Serbian king who fled to London just before World War II. Bosnian born Chetnik commander Draza Mihailovich revived the paramilitary units and their trademark long beards to fight the Nazis in World War II, but later changed sides to back the brutal Nazi occupation. So Julia please do answer who have Nazi followers state Croatia or Serbia?

Material for Julia Gorin

Since Julia is obviously low on material for her latest lies here is two videos which can help her thinking. To avoid one side stories like Julia do first video is by Serbian (yes you read right) reporter.

Second is video regarding Srebrenica to who Julia likes to pull parallels and discuss about how many died there and how they died, so this is to remember her ...

Song's of Greece

Looks like latest Julia crusade is again against Islam. Poor Julia did have "divine intervention" by hearing songs in her head regarding opened mosque in Athens. Yet again he managed to throw couple lies in such a short article. So lets see what does she talk about.

Report by Oslo-based human rights organization Forum 18, has described religions freedom as the Achilles’ Heel in Greece’s human rights record. Ninety-five percent of Greeks are members of the Greek Orthodox Church, which is closely identified with the Greek State. Greece is the only member-nation of the European Union to ban proselytizing in its constitution, and the only EU nation whose record on religious freedom has been condemned by the European Court of Human Rights.

In view of the Olympics and also before that, there had been a decision taken to enact a mosque in Athens, but that undertaking faced a strong opposition by the Orthodox-led opposition to this project. This created an uproar in the press and people were thinking that it is not a good thing for a tourist who is coming to Athens to see as a first thing, coming from the airport into Athens, and that was supposed to be near the airport, to see a mosque.

But it’s not true that there is no mosque in Greece. There are over 300 mosques in Greece overall, but not a mosque in Athens, that was not the case. The mosques are there where there is a large part of the population being Moslems, and this is the case in Northern Greece.

There have been problems in the past with the Roman Catholic church or with Roman Catholic believers in Greece. It’s because from the legal side, the Catholic church was subject to characterization as an organization of private law, not of public law like it is for instance for the Islamic religion and for Judaism, so they have not been on equal ground with the other big religions. So that was a problem which created also some difficulties in the administrative day-to-day life in many instances.

So I ask Julia to enlighten us with story about Jewish heritage in Greece. When we see how well Greece Orthodox church is treating other religions we are sure Julia's story will be script to make a movie.

Kosovo untold Julia story

In her latest fairy tale on Political Mavens, our bellowed comedian and expert for Balkan pointed again some things and used well known method to show Kosovo people as "muslims" and enemies of whole world. But did she offer anything to confirm her story. As usually NO. She claim that opposite things happened in Kosovo, Serbs was expelled not Kosovari. Even she knows (or maybe paymaster didn't tell her) that Serbian government did send Croatian refugees on Kosovo they came, sell their by Serbian regime given properties and they left but that is another story. So lets elaborate for Julia a little what happened on Kosovo and remind her because the whole free world know only she need this remind.

In the Spring of 1999, NATO launched an air war against Yugoslavia to stop Serbs from terrorizing Albanians. The ethnic cleansing of Kosovo expanded and intensified despite military intervention by the international community. The U.S. State Department reported on ten broad categories of human rights violations in Kosovo: forced expulsions, looting, burning, detentions, use of human shields, summary executions, exhumation of mass graves, systematic and organized rape, violations of medical neutrality, and a new type of ethnic cleansing, identity cleansing.

At the end of the 20th century, war waged between armed soldiers dressed up in uniform fighting only against each other is extremely rare. The trend now is that 90 percent of war-associated casualties occur in the civilian population. In Hague, the UN has assembled the International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia which is investigating the genocide in Kosovo. The War Crimes Tribunal will test the reach of international law and the will of governments to bring high officials to justice.

On the 26th of June 1990, Serbia intensified its cultural, social and economic persecution of Albanians and, when the Kosovan assembly tried to block it and instead propose the recognition of Kosovo as a republic, the Serb controlling the assembly adjourned the meeting.

On the 2nd July 1990, when the Kosovan assembly was not recalled as promised, it met anyway and declared Kosovo a republic, to which Serbia responded by dissolving Kosovo's government. On the 7th September, a democratic constitution for a sovereign, independent Kosovo was made public, which was accepted by referendum in 1991 and on the 24th of May 1992, secret voting elected a democratic government for Kosovo.

From then on, the Serbian government's harrying of Kosovo Albanians was carried into every aspect of life and when Serbia attacked Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bosniak and Albanian identities were collapsed into a singular "Muslim" identity, as they were caricatured as Islamic fundamentalists set on holy war against Christian Europeans. Under Rugova's leadership, Kosovo Albanians responded by appealing for international intervention, employing non-violent resistance and maintaining an autonomous administration, complete with education and health systems, funded by a voluntary tax on emigres.

By the time Milosevic had withdrawn his troops from Kosovo, NATO troops had entered and the UN Kosovo Force (KFOR) had been mobilised in June 1999, in addition to the 10,000 people who had been killed and the 800,000 who had been displaced , 70,000 of Kosovo's 500,000 homes had been reduced to rubble and 207 of its 609 mosques had been damaged or destroyed .

On March 24, 1999, the eyes of the world turned to Kosovo as aircraft from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization began to bomb targets in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The start of NATO's air war against Yugoslavia was also the beginning of the bloodiest period in Kosovo since the end of the Second World War. In the twelve weeks that followed, Serbian and Yugoslav military, police, and paramilitaries expelled more than 850,000 ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, internally displacing several hundred thousand more.1 Many were robbed and beaten as they were forced from their homes, which were frequently looted and burned. Scores of women were raped. Thousands of adult males were detained, and many of them were executed, in some cases together with women, children, and the elderly, although the total number of civilians executed is still unclear. In more than a dozen mass killing sites, government forces tried to hide the evidence by destroying or removing bodies. The brutal campaign against ethnic Albanian civilians came to a halt only after the withdrawal of Yugoslav soldiers and Serbian police and paramilitaries and the entry of NATO forces on June 12, 1999.

Despite the scale of the displacement during 1998 and early 1999, many observers believed Kosovo, with its 90 percent ethnic Albanian population, would be exempt from large-scale ethnic cleansing, if only for the practical obstacles to the expulsion of an entire people. In ethnically-mixed Bosnia and Herzegovina, and contested areas of Croatia where no one ethnic group had an absolute majority, the expulsion of one ethnic group was a means of consolidating control over that territory by a rival group. By contrast, Kosovo with its overwhelming ethnic Albanian majority had experienced a steady outflow of its Serb population over preceding decades, with Belgrade resorting to forced resettlement of Croatian Serbs in an attempt to reverse the migration of Serbs out of the province.

A second explanation for the "ethnic cleansing" is that it was designed to destabilize the neighboring countries of Albania and Macedonia. In March 1999, the young state of Macedonia, with two million inhabitants, at least 25 percent of whom are ethnic Albanian, was widely perceived as unstable and, at the same time, as a pivotal country for regional stability. The mass influx of refugees from Kosovo could easily have disrupted the fragile ethnic balance, if not destablized the entire country.

More than eight years after the end of the war, the total number of victims killed between March and June 1999 remains unclear. Although the explanations for the lack of clarity in the death toll are straightforward and common to many post-conflict situations, the total number of dead remains one of the most controversial aspects of the war. Ultimately, however, what matters is not whether the dead number 5,000 or 15,000, but that large numbers of civilians were targeted for execution by Serbian and Yugoslav security forces.

The more direct reason for the uncertainty, however, is a deliberate attempt on the part of the Serbian and Yugoslav government to destroy evidence and remove bodies. Both the ICTY and Human Rights Watch have documented cases where bodies were disinterred and removed from the crime scene, in an apparent attempt to conceal the killing. A radio documentary broadcast on National Public Radio in the United States on January 25, 2001, called Burning the Evidence, claims that Serbian and Yugoslav forces systematically transported the bodies of Kosovar Albanians to the mining complex at Trepca near Kosovska Mitrovica, where they were incinerated. Citing Serbian fighters and "a well-placed Serbian intelligence officer," between 1,200 and 1,500 bodies were destroyed at Trepca, according to the report. So I ask Julia does she hide something in her closet.

Who was responsible?

As Madame Justice Louise Arbour pointed out, the indictment handed down by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in May 1999 marked the first time a sitting head of state had been charged "during an on-going armed conflict with the commission of serious violations of international humanitarian law." On May 27 1999, the Tribunal announced the indictment for war crimes in Kosovo of Slobodan Milosevic, the Yugoslav president until he was overthrown in October 2000; Serbian President Milan Milutinovic; Yugoslav Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Sainovic; Dragoljub Ojdanic, Chief of Staff of the Yugoslav Army; and Vlajko Stojiljkovic, Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs. All were charged on "three counts of crimes against humanity and one count of violations of the laws or customs of war" (ICTY press release, May 27 1999). Massacres and other atrocities at Racak, Bela Crkva, Velika Krusa, Mali Krusa, Djakovica, Crkolez, and Izbica figured in the indictment, with 340 individuals given as the preliminary list of victims -- overwhelmingly men who had been summarily executed.

The specific charges against the four Serbian leaders are that they conspired to commit:

1. Murder, a crime against humanity, punishable under Article 5(a) of the Statute [of the Criminal Tribunal], and also a violation of the laws or customs of war, punishable under Article 3 of the Statute (namely a violation of Article 3 common to the 1949 Geneva Conventions);

2. Persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds, a crime against humanity pursuant to Article 5(h) of the Statute [of] the Tribunal; and

3. Deportation, a crime against humanity, punishable under Article 5(d) of the Statute of the Tribunal.

Many others in the mafia-ridden Serb regime played a crucial role in planning and perpetrating the atrocities in Kosovo. Down to the operational level, Yugoslav military commanders stood by as the notorious paramilitary forces, who had done most of the gendercidal dirty work in Bosnia and Croatia, were sent in to "cleanse" and destroy Kosovar communities. In many ways the strategy was that adopted, on a far vaster scale, by Nazi forces towards Jews, Soviet males, and others on the eastern front during World War Two (see the case-study of the Jewish holocaust). In both cases, the measures were designed to allow the regular military to maintain something of a "hands-off" approach to the worst of the atrocities, while still ensuring that the crimes were carried out. It is an important feature of the Tribunal indictment that Yugoslav Army Chief Dragoljub Ojdanic is among those accused of war crimes in Kosovo, just as recent scholarship on the fate of Soviet POWs and Jews has increasingly tied the regular German army to the genocides committed against those groups. The chain of responsibility for genocidal and gendercidal actions in Kosovo therefore extends from the Serb leadership down to the paramilitary units that carried out the murderous commands, and the regular army officers who looked on approvingly.

At the time of writing, it was unclear whether the Tribunal's indictment would be extended to include the charge of genocide. In the view of Gendercide Watch, the indictments should be aggressively pursued, and broadened to include the genocidal actions of the Serb leadership in Bosnia between 1992 and 1995.

In October 2000, a huge mass movement succeeded in toppling President Milosevic from power. His successor, Vojislav Kostunica, became the first Serb leader to acknowledge guilt for the genocidal atrocities inflicted upon Bosnians and Kosovars, stating: "as a Serb I will take responsibility for many of these ... crimes." (See "President Admits Genocide", The Sydney Morning Herald, October 25, 2000.) Shortly afterwards, however, Kostunica issued a statement claiming he had been misquoted (see "Kostunica Denies He Admitted Serb Atrocities in Kosovo to CBS", The Chicago Tribune, October 27, 2000.)