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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Only in Serbia Julia, Only in Serbia

Poor Julia is trying so hard to convince world and United States how Croatia is Nazi state and Serbs are good guys in whole Balkan area. Also Julia Gorin love to translate Croatian songs and have such a nice collection of it, so I dare Julia to translate this song recorded in Serbia and publish it on her blog:

Here is little help to get her started:

New York 5 years later ...
America you got what you deserved (for my Kosovo and Krajina)
11.09.2001=24,03.1999 (Nato bomb's) revenge for you
America it will get even worse, burning New York, Pentagon is falling...

Still not convinced what is going on in Kosovo? Well that is great thing about Internet you can get informations for any subject here is something made by serbs regarding Kosovo care to explain similarity of fonts used by chetnik website with German fonts in WW2, or did you ever asked your serbian friends why chetniks alwasy have skulls and bones on their flags and logos or why they have weapons all the time:

Nazi's in Serbia do they exist? Yes Julia, yes they do

Nacionalni stroj (National Alignment) is the name of an obscure neo-nazi organisation that was formed in Serbia and that that caught a lot of attention by orchestrating several incidents in 2005. Eighteen of its leading members were arrested and face lengthy prison terms. Its members are mostly teenagers.

During the night of March 21-22, 2005, anti-Semitic graffiti appeared, targeting the Jewish cemetery in Belgrade, buildings owned and used by Western-leaning TV/Radio B92, and two human rights NGOs. In addition, anti-Semitic posters targeting B92 appeared in several highly visible downtown areas. The posters were signed Nacionalni Stroj (National Formation). The Government quickly painted over the graffiti at the cemetery and arrested three people caught putting up the posters. There was widespread condemnation of the incidents by government and democratic political parties. On March 31, 2005, police arrested another person caught writing graffiti on the wall of the Jewish cemetery in Belgrade.

On the tenth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, a group claiming to belong to National Formation stuck posters in Negotin and Sremska Mitrovica with the following slogans: "Nož, žica, Srebrenica" (eng. "Knife, tie wire, Srebrenica") and "Mladiću, hvala ti za srpsku Srebrenicu" (eng. "Mladic, thank you for Serbian Srebrenica"). National Formation was made the media and was mentioned by BBC in 2005, about the disruption of round table at a faculty in Novi Sad organized by Anti-Fascist Action Novi Sad . The group was also accused of attacking Albanians, Roma people, as well as spreading anti-semitic propaganda and preaching hate.

Look Julia here something also what you need to write about

Neo-Nazis in Greece have been tied to hate-driven attacks on immigrants, homosexuals and leftists. One of the most deadly attacks was the murder of three immigrants in central Athens by Pandelis Kazakos. Twelve Greek neo-Nazis participated as volunteers in the Yugoslav wars in Bosnia, can you gues to which side Julia ? Aiding the Serbian Army in capturing the town of Srebrenica, so much about nazi Croatians.


Anonymous said...

Julia is a frustrated pro-Serbian(milosevic-hitler) kind of a person.

Serbia: A nation in denial.

Anonymous said...

Goran M said...

Yout right about one thing. Neo nazism is obscure in Serbia. Every nation has it idiots who believe stupid idiotic things.

The difference between Croats & Serbs is that over 3 quarters of Croats supported Hitler & Pavelic (Croatian Hitler) & today their symbols can still be shown in public in roatia.

If you want to buy main kampf or borrow it at a library, that's very easy to do.

For some it seems a few Serbian idiots are worse then an entire nation falsifiying their nazi past & keeping it alive today.

Anonymous said...

That is simply not true Goran and it is common myth publicized by Belgrade regime.

The Partisans, founded by Josip Broz Tito, a Croatian Communist, represented the only true resistance to the Axis in Yugoslavia during World War II.

Hundreds of thousands of Croatians joined the Partisans and thirty-nine of the Partisan's eighty brigades were Croatian.

On June 22, 1941 Croatian Partisans began what would come to be known as the War of Liberation in Yugoslavia.

On July 13, 1943 a Democratic Republic of Croatia under the leadership of Andrija Hebrang was declared in those areas occupied by the Croatian Partisan forces.

As the war progressed more and more Croatians, especially from Dalmatia, joined the Partisans.

Serbs joined in great numbers late in the War as entire Cetnik units changed their allegiance.

By 1943 Allied support shifted to Tito and by 1944 the Partisans were the only recognized Allied force fighting in Yugoslavia.

The complexities of World War II saw Croatian fighting Croatian, Serb fighting Serb, and both fighting each other as well as German, Italian, Hungarian and Bulgarian forces.

Both Serbia and Croatia, like Finland, Hungary, France and virtually every other nation in Europe, were occupied by the Axis and had governments which collaborated with the Axis.

Both Croatia and Serbia also had Partisan governments fighting for the Allies.

Anonymous said...

wonderful! you find a room ABSOLUTELY FULL of about 10 people. Easy to compare this to a thompson gathering of a few people, around 60,000.

wonder how many k-albanians at the thomspson concerts, since they supported the nazis with their own numerous regiments.

even then, they couldn't govern themselves, and the italians had to do it for them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous: Tuto's group only showed up after serb resistance had already begun. He was simply an opportunist.

The serbs overthrew the government that attempted to collaborate with the nazis. somebody was assassinated for it. look it up.

it's the only country in europe to have done that. Did the croatians kill pavelic? tell the whole truth my friend.

Anonymous said...

Bosnia and Croatia where first led by former nazis in the 90s Serbia is the country that put up the most fight against Hitler with the acception of Russia . I think there are a lot of nazis . I dont think the people are neccessarily bad people just becuase they have a bad government . But somehow the people allow it to happend . Nato destroyed Yugoslavia using the same tactics and the same people the nazis used . NATO nazi i see little differance .I sure consider these people have nazi tendencies . I like to call them not sos becuase they lie so much .

Dan said...

First of all you people dont know your history

Croatia along with the sloveninas were the first anti-fascist in europe and therefore started an anti-fascist movement known as the TIGR in 1920. The fist partisan brigade started in sisak croatia, Tito was croatian, and the majority of the partisans were croatian and slovenians while the serbs were under cetnik rule which were supporters of the nazi regime Nedic, lojtic etc. Only after the war did the serbians have a anti-fascist party.

Three quarters of the population supported hitler? where did you learn you history pal? Croatians were mostly in the partisans, while a minority that was given power by the axis forces to do what ever they liked, and including propaganda do make believe that most croats supported the nazis.

Anonymous said...

First of all you guys don't know your history

Croatians along with the Slovenians were the first anti-fascists in europe. They first started a anti-fascist movement and organization known as the TIGR in 1920.

The first yugoslav partisan brigade was started in Croatia in the city of sisak. The majority of the partisan were either croats, Slovenes, and bosnians while the serbians supported the royalist cetnik movement under Nedic which supported and openly collaberated with the nazi regime. Tito was also croatian. Serbia did not have an anti-fascist party until after the world war.

Three quarters of croat population supported hitler? are you smoking dope or what? The majority were in the partisans. The minority was given power by the nazi regime and therefore made it look like that the majority supported the axis through propaganda such as Television, posters, speeches, radio, etc.

Graffiti? And whats the issue? in serbia and eastern croatia there is graffiti praising the cetniks, Draza mihilovic, and Nedic.

What a world we live in

MahnitiTapir said...

Bosnia and Croatia where first led by former nazis in the 90s

Good stuff you're smokin' there.
Actually Croatian president Tudjman was actually Tito's partisans youngest general. He was LAST 20th century European president that was active member of antifascist resistance movement.

Serbia is the country that put up the most fight against Hitler with the acception of Russia

Serbia was the first "juden-frei" country in Europe thanks to mr. Nedic's regieme.

However, that's nothing compared to Serbian achievements in recent Balkan wars: genocidal killing of 200.000 people in 4 separate countries, 8500 in one night in Srebrenica alone, reinvention of mass-rape as weapon of war and ethnic cleansing, taking UN peacekeepers as hostages and tying them using chains to bridges and military instalations, etc.

All that in 4 wars (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo) - only constant in all 4 - Serbs.

To sum it up:
You fought Slovenians, Croats, Bosniaks, Kosovars and NATO.

You blame "whole world" for being against Serbs and you never taught, there is something wrong with you?

You remind me of that joke about guy driving on the highway in oposite direction, listening to radio: WARNING, WARNING, we uge drivers to drive carefully on Highway A1 because of one lunatic driving in opposite direction!

GUY: One lunatic?! There are hundreds of them!

Anonymous said...

Oh how many frustrated Croats, just because Julia is telling the truth

In Serbia there is no anti-semitism. The Serbian people has been suffering too much during the WW2 and is able to recognize the same suffering of Jewish people.

There are minors anti-Semitic groups in Serbia, like anywhere in the world. And these groups are prohibited by law.

Anonymous said...

The most of the partisans in Croatia were Serbs. It`s logical - they had no other choice faced by racial laws and extinction. Even Tito said, "our struggle at the beginning of the war was largely Serbian"

Only after the capitulation of Italy more Croats become part of the partisan movement,especially near the end of the war.

With the exception of the Dalmatians, because that part of Croatia was given to the Italians and from the very beginning Dalmatians have been involved in the partisan movement.

Anonymous said...

Couple questions for all "considered" serbs:

- are the "chetniks" nazi allies ?
- Does the "chetniks" in today serbia have every right including pension benefits and other legal benefits?
- How many serbs was in partisans in period from 1941-1943, and how many were in chetniks?
- Did serbian government signed also racial laws and killed jews in their Banjica prison camp?

check your facts before you answer and provide links to historical documents like they are provided here. Hear-say is worth nothing ... only documents and pictures count...