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Monday, June 25, 2007

Flies out of the mouth

Looks like Julia got so many angry mails regarding her latest blog posts in which she accused Croatia as Nazi state and give proof by showing images from concert of Marko Perkovic Thompson and claimed 60,000 Nazis was on that concert. Well Julia I must say when you write lies it come back to you so continue to write one sided stories and I'm sure you will get even more hate mails. You are accepted in country who is proud to call democratic country but still you look like you never forget your USSR past.

Democracy isn't MONOLOG it is DIALOG but you are so afraid to put comments on your blog's because you are afraid people will post true stories not your twisted manipulations, you simply don't allow any dialog because you believe your word should be only word.
Here are some latest fabrications from Julia blog:

No, the problem is that no one knows enough about Croatia to dislike the Ustashas. That’s why I’m shining a light on this under-reported phenomenon.

Funny thing Julia never write about Serbian things and put a little candle to bright a light to their crimes and victims.

How have I offended the Nazi/Ustashas of Croatia? If they are what they are, then I haven’t given them anything to object to, and they should be proud of my publicizing their activities. There is nothing in my posts to offend a proud Ustasha. But if all the angry letters are coming from the non-Ustashas of Croatia, then Croatia has an even bigger problem than it knows.

No Julia you offended Croatian people in general by connecting whole nation as Nazi nation. Real Ustasha (even I doubt they exist because WW2 is over long time ago) are not offended, but proud and hard working people of Croatia are. Cmo'n write something about chetniks and pull a parallel from WW2 and today chetnik movement in Serbia, make proper connection which country support Nazi ideology. Because as coin every story have two sides.

I did hear from a kind lady named Eva in Ivanic Grad, Croatia, but she was in denial that Thompson harbors Ustasha sympathies, despite his remake of a 1942 Croatian Nazi song glorifying the extermination of Jews and Serbs.

Once again nothing buy lies came from Julia mouth. She speaks about Marko Perkovic Thompson song which he NEVER singed especially on any concert. She is referring to song "Jasenovac i Gradiska stara..." often connected to mentioned singer without any proof at all. But Julia refuse to translate Thompson's songs singed at his concerts because her translators know he sings about his country and cultural heritage of Croatia.

The way I help call attention to issues is to shine a light on them, so that there can be greater public scrutiny than there currently is. Countries don’t become healthy if the world remains unaware of what happens there. That is the very reason that Croatia’s Nazi sympathizers are more mainstream than they are in other countries.

Lies, lies and even more lies. Ustasha movement (if there is any) is FORBIDDEN in Croatia as Nazist symbols and whole anti antisemitism and they don't have any political or any other influence to government. But proper truth what Julia is avoiding to say that actually Serbia (and people who write her paycheck) have more Nazi sympathizers than they are in other countries. Simply look ate chetnik movement in Serbia which is recognized by government and even have followers thru Radical Party and their leader (accused for war crimes) Vojislav Seselj, hell even Serbian parliament has passed a law granting pensions to members of the Serbian Chetnik movement.

Meanwhile, let me once again call attention to the storm that is caused when someone points a finger of blame for Balkan troubles at someone other than Serbs. It’s very interesting that this isn’t acceptable, whether we’re talking about Albanians, Croatians or Bosnians.

Hmmm other than Serbs ??? I can believe my eyes... how about read some more articles ans see who the f*** started war at Balkans? Who attacked Slovenia in 3 days war? Albanians, Croatians or Bosnians ? No Serbian Army ! Who attacked Croatia and try to separate part of Croatia ? Albanians, Croatians or Bosnians ? Nope wrong again it was Serbs ! Bosnia maybe, Sarajevo, Srebrenica etc...? Albanians, Croatians or Bosnians ? Nahhh, Serbs did it! Kosovo? Albanians, Croatians or Bosnians ? I think you get it now , yes Julia Serbs did it again.

Then our Serbian neighbors said, don't you go, we won't hurt you. But we didn't listen, we went to an orchard of ours for a month, near some woods of ours. All the women, children and men, we slept there. And they came, looted the village, saw we weren't there, they were all neighbors, nobody from outside.

She said that she saw her husband, son and brother for the last time nine months ago, when their Serbian neighbors from a village in the vicinity of Foca took them away somewhere down the alley pointing rifles at them. Before taking them they beat them up, tore up their documents, took away their leather jackets, wedding rings and money. No one has seen them since or heard anything about them.

So looks like no matter how big your payments are from Serbian lobby even you have blood on your hands and I wonder how well you sleep at night.


Anonymous said...

Ms Gorin,

There is an old croatian saying,

'S kim si takav si'

Since you choose to maintain a silence on Serbian attrocities of the Serbian Nazi collaborationist government of world war II I can only assume that you implicitly support Nedic's policy of the extermination of Serbia's gypsy and Jewish populations.

While the fascist's had to install a government in Croatian to supplant that of Vlatko Macek, leader of Croatia's Peasant Party, this wasn't the case in Serbia where the Serbian government's representative, General Nedic, claimed with pride in 1942 Belgrade was one of the first of cities in Europe to be Judenfrei.

Here's an example of Serbia's WW2 pride.


Btw, I hope that that check from Serbnet doesn't bounce.


croatian said...

look i like thompson alright if there is someone u doesn;t like thompson ur dealing with a croatian girl right here okay we love thompson and there is nothing u can do to stop that from happening and thompson rocks okkk thompson is going to sing no matter what u guys say serbia stay the hell away from my hravat