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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Facts about Serbian-Jewish Friendship

On her blog Julia write about some Serbian-Jewish friendship as some common history relationship. Here is quote:

When that happened, Lalich says, “there was a big campaign to separate the Serbs and the Jews, because people knew there was a common history and a lot of historical parallels.”

The “friendship” in the name of the society is no accident, she says: Serbs and Jews have had a long-standing and friendly relationship, and in Belgrade, where the largest Jewish community was, Jews enjoyed cordial relations with non-Jewish Serbs.

Lets see some historical facts Julia forget to mention.

The physical liquidation of Serbian Jews began immediately in the spring of 1941. Almost all the men were killed by the autumn and the women and children and the remaining men were liquidated at the end of April and the beginning of May, 1942. The exact number of people killed is not known even from Jewish sources. Historian Jasa Romano, however, has come to the conclusion that 88% of all Serbian Jews were killed. The Serbian historian Sretenije Zrokić says that of the 11,870 Belgrade Jews only 1,115 or 9% survived the war. It was not only the Germans who captured and killed the Jews in Serbia, rather it was the Serbian Police, Nedić's volunteers and Chetniks . Most were killed in the Sajmište and Banjica concentration camps. Not a single Jew managed to escape from the camps.

Source: Ljubica Stefan, Anti-semitism in Serbia during the World War II
# Judein Grei Ljubica Stefan is retired professor: refugee from Belgrade where she lived for 30 years, researches genocide against Albanians, anti-Semitism and persecution of Jews, as well as the behavior of Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church in World War II.

The Chetniks and the Jews

At the initial stage, there were some Jews among the Chetniks, but when it turned out that the Chetniks were not fighting the invaders and their collaborators, and in fact were inclined to cooperate with them, the Jews switched to the ranks of the partisans. As the Chetniks increased their cooperation with the Germans, their attitude toward the Jews in the areas under their control deteriorated, and they identified the Jews with the hated Communists. There were many instances of Chetniks' murdering Jews or handing them over to the Germans.

The Destruction of the Jews

The German military administration in Serbia implemented the extermination of the Jews in its area with dispatch and thoroughness. In the very first days of the occupation the Jews were ordered to register, and anti - Jewish regulations were issued. For several months afterward, most of the male Jews were put on forced labor. After the outbreak of the revolt in Serbia in July 1941, all the male Jews were put in concentration camps, most of them in Topovske Šupe, and others in Šabac and in Niš.

During four centuries of Ottoman rule in the Balkans, the Jewish communities of Serbia enjoyed religious tolerance, internal autonomy, and equality before the law, that ended with the breakup of the Ottoman Empire and the emergence of the Serbian state.

Soon after a Serbian insurrection against Turkish rule in 1804, Jews were expelled from the interior of Serbia and prohibited from residing outside of Belgrade. In 1856 and 1861, Jews were further prohibited from travel for the purpose of trade. In official correspondence from the late 19th century, British diplomats detailed the cruel treatment of the Jews of Serbia, which they attributed to religious fanaticism, commercial rivalries, and the belief that Jews were the secret agents of the Turks. Article 23 of the Serbian constitution granted equality to every citizen but Article 132 forbade Jews the right of domicile.

The Treaty of Berlin 1878, which formally established the Serbian state, accorded political and civil equality to the Jews of Serbia, but the Serbian Parliament resisted abolishing restrictive decrees for another 11 years. Although the legal status of the Jewish community subsequently improved, the view of Jews as an alien presence persisted.

Although Serbian historians contend that the persecution of the Jews of Serbia was entirely the responsibility of Germans and began only with the German occupation, this is self- serving fiction. Fully six months before the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia, Serbia had issued legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy and university enrolment.

One year later on 22 October 1941, the rabidly antisemitic "Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibit" opened in occupied Belgrade, funded by the city of Belgrade. The central theme was an alleged Jewish-Communist-Masonic plot for world domination. Newspapers such as Obnova (Renewal) and Nasa Borba (Our Struggle) praised this exhibit, proclaiming that Jews were the ancient enemies of the Serbian people and that Serbs should not wait for the Germans to begin the extermination of the Jews. A few months later, Serbian authorities issued postage stamps (see picture bellow) commemorating the opening of this popular exhibit. These stamps, which juxtaposed Jewish and Serbian symbols, portrayed Judaism as the source of world evil and advocated the humiliation and violent subjugation of Jews.

Serbia as well as neighboring Croatia was under Axis occupation during the Second World War. Although the efficient destruction of Serbian Jewry in the first two years of German occupation has been well documented by respected sources, the extent to which Serbia actively collaborated in that destruction has been less recognized. The Serbian government under General Milan Nedic worked closely with local Nazi officials in making Belgrade the first "Judenfrei" city of Europe. As late as 19 September 1943, Nedic made an official visit to Adolf Hitler (see picture bellow), Serbs in Berlin advanced the idea that the Serbs were the "Ubermenchen" (master race) of the Slavs.

Indeed, with Nazi blessings, Nedic established the Serbian State Guard, numbering about 20,000, compared to the 3,400 German police in Serbia. Recruiting advertisements for the Serb police force specified that "applicants must have no Jewish or Gypsy blood". Nedic's second in command was Dimitrije Ljotic, founder of the Serbian Fascist Party and the principal Fascist ideologist of Serbia. Ljotic organized the Serbian Volunteers Corps, whose primary function was rounding up Jews, Bosniaks, Gypsies, and partisans for execution. Serbian citizens and police received cash bounties for the capture and delivery of Jews.

The list goes on and on and Julia still sings same old story trying to convince readers that Serbs are good guys and friends of Jews. What a disgrace.... Read first Julia ... READ


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beter read this

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to anonymous
this is croatin popaganda

just see how may jews croats killed in WW2 in jasenovac.....

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Before you link something to wikipedia you should read what it say there, you only confirmed claims.

As a result, Emanuel Schäfer, Chief of the German police and Gestapo in Serbia, could boast as soon as 1942 that:

"Belgrade - the only larger European city which has been cleansed of Jews, has become judenfrei."

Similarly Harald Turner of the SS, stated in 1942 that:

"Serbia is a nation in which the problem of Jews and Gypsies has been solved."[7][citation needed]

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what a stupidity

Does it mean that the puppet government of Poland is gilty for the holocaust of Jews made by nazi germans in Poland???

The Croatians made the holocaust against the Serbs and Jews during the WW2, is`t only truth. See in wiki.eng "Jasenovac", Balkan Auschwitz and "ustashe"

Serbia was bruttaly bombed and occupied because refused to be an ally of Germany.This is not the case with Croatia, where Hitler in the capital Zagreb was greeted with flowers.

The Croatians are very aware of these facts and with their shameful writing about Serbs are trying to fight for their own better past.

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Hitler was never in Zagreb so another poor serbian lie ... but try to answer with facts and documents like they are stated here...

Was Nedic nazi allies? Was Belgrade cleansed from jew's? Did prison camp Banjica existed in which SERBS killed jew's with gas (first ever gas truck in Europe)?

Boy answer with facts and documents not with hear/say ...

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so you are saying ustashas and all of the German allies are good guys since Serbs who fought them are bad guys?!
I myself am part Serb, part German and Hungarian...
My father remembers WWII (he is the Germano/Hungarian part of my ancestry) and he remembers German, Hungarian, Croat (and the rest) attrocities against the Serbs and Jews. He also remembers them killing and activly fighting chetnics from the day one till the end of the war. Partisans are not so fond in his memory by the way, that could be the case because they drove ethnic German minority out of Yugoslavia and pinned all of the Croat, Muslim and Albanian crimes against the Serbs on them. Btw at the sam etime they did away with chetnics and other royalist and western simpathisers (as "traitors", imagine that)
I am sickk and tired of this "Blame the Serbs" game that will end the day that there are no more Serbs left (dispatched to the Maker by the "victims")

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where did it say ustasha and Germans was good guys , also you cannot find anywhere in history documents that chetniks actually did fight against Germans and Italians ... in fact they are allies with them just like ustasha's

you are mistaken by fantasy stories produced by serbs in which chetniks were freedom fighters do a research in holocaust museum ... try to find camp Banjica ... try to search which capitol city was first cleansed from jews ... and much more. I'm not saying believe me but try to do your homework