From our readers ~ Julia Gorin Truth

Thursday, June 28, 2007

From our readers

Many of our readers are contacting me and support our struggle against lies which Julia Gorin is publishing on her websites, latest mail address to her statements is from Mr. Michael Dugandzic:

Zionist Extremist Ms. Julia Gorin’s Religious Hate against Jews...

Dear Ms. Gorin,

I quote you “Lady Sinjska: a protective Slavic goddess.” is just another example of your Zionist hate misinterpreting lies as the truth, Gospa Sinjska correctly translated is “Our Lady of Sinj” which refers to the mother of Jesus Christ a Jew she is neither Slavic nor a Goddess… Your conservative comedy has now moved from insulting Gentiles to insulting Jews, where is the end to your madness?

Kind Regards,

Mr. Michael Dugandzic