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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Liar speaks again ...

Julia again spit poison and antisemitism against Croatia, in her latest blog post she added some truly disturbing and false accusations and as always she didn't named any source. A letter from mysterious Alex have been posted, so lets analyze those claims.

I read an excerpt in a book once where a good Croatian who was imprisoned in Jasenovac

Ohh what is this in Julia's all posts only Jews and Serbs was in Jasenovac she didn't mentioned any Croats, this must be a shock for her that Croatian people also suffered under fascist regime. But again no name of that book ... but I witnessed Serbian concentration camps in Bosnia as whole world did.

The problem is that about one in 10,000 will turn on their community’s self-perception by openly saying anything judgmental about the Ustashi or what they did. When it comes to Croatian crimes, mum’s the word, they are always the good guys which of course just encourages more crimes because it does not dissaude the killers.

Ummm knock, knock under what rock did you been living Julia ? Croatia condemn all war crimes from WW2, but majority of Croats was in NOB (Anti Fascistic movement) during the WW2, Croats was killed and their houses burned to ground by Italians, Germans, Serbs and yes by Ustashas which is common knowledge and it teach in every elementary school in Croatia.

Re the Croats that were Partisans (what a choice: fascists or communists)

Now this is real Julia, person who denial any fact at all and spit on all Croats. Julia communist or not, they liberate Croatia and whole ex. Yugoslavia and they was part of great alliance against fascist and their allies. Deaning this is like deaning whole joined efforts of Russians, Americans and other nations who actually liberate your JEWISH people from concetracion camps. Basically you are saying Russians as communist didn't need to liberate your own people?

Mosha Pijade, the only Jewish person who was a top leader in Tito’s partisans suggested that the Serbian parts of Croatia be given their own republic separate and free of Croatia to reward them for being the bulk of the fighters in the partisan army against the Nazis.

Didn't you forget to say one important part Julia? Mosha Pijade was SERBIAN Jew! But never the less Serbian or not this is lie and you know it. In communist regime every mention of changing borders was punishment by death. You of all people as former USSR citizen should know that. Tell me was it possible in communist regime like USSR to claim that Ukraine needs more territories because they suffer more in war? So please shut up or when you make such stories put footnote "For Kindergarten use only" !

Meanwhile, they did not do such a bad job of achieving these goals as they waited: they divided Serbia in three so that rump Serbia was smaller than Croatia (despite having three times the population); in the 1950s they reworked the borders to take away Vukovar from Serbia and to make sure that Croatia gets the Danube river; they took strategically important Prevlaka from Montenegro; they banned Serb refugees of 1941-45 from returning to Kosovo; they pursued the policy that a weak Serbia means a strong Yugoslavia therby stifling Serb grievances; they kicked out half a million Italians from Dalmatia and made sure that both Slavonia and Dalmatia were swallowed up in Croatia, etc…., etc….

Serbia was smaller because it didn't deserve any special treatment I suggest you use search over Internet and put the word "Beogradski pashaluk" and see what I'm talking about, Vukovar was never Serbian city and Slavonia and Dalmatia are historical part of Croatia from centuries as shown on Croatian national flag. Your claims are nothing but old Serbian claims "Serbija do Tokija" (Serbia till Tokio) so I suggest to you to once again read Kosovo: From Ideology to Aggression many things from Serbian history will explain your lies and show you real picture about this area. Also good reading for you would be The Ottomans and Islam

The Croats did the same thing after the First World War switch sides at the very end to avoid reparations and punishment, but continue your goals.

Again unconfirmed, without any source lie!
In 1999 sources in the Republic of Slovenia reported that as many as 110 mass graves of Croats had been found in the country. They were said to contain the bodies of victims of the massacres, referred to in the press as "The Way of the Cross." Those sources stated that there was evidence of a large number of civilians among the soldiers. The Slovenian public reacted to the reported size and number of graves with shock. In 2001 Slovenian sources reported that the estimate of the number of mass graves had increased to 296, with the estimated number of victims increasing to 190,000, most of whom were thought to be Croats. The highest concentration of graves and remains was reported to be in the area of the Tezno Woods, where, it was thought, between 60,000 and 80,000 people were massacred. Some critics of these reports have said that while only a very few of these mass graves have been located and exhumed, the number of graves and victims is frequently revised upward for what appear to be political reasons.

At the end of post Julia again entertain her readers with songs and translations:

Re the Ustashi song and the River Drina: I once heard a song being played on a Croatian radio show in Chicago where they were LITERALLY saying “we will cross the Drina, plunge the Serbs with our knives, and make their bloody dead bodies float in the Drina.” I guess the FCC does not speak Croatian.

But still she refuses to translate this song.... from recent history

"Zacroy svoy peesavati rot, sooka"
is term which I'm sure Julia hear often from her Russian readers because as I hear she is known as Vziatochnik