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Monday, July 2, 2007

Julia Gorin say: All European are Nazi's !

Looks like Julia Gorin is fealing happy she finally found someone fat as her in reunited Spice Girl... But that doesnt stop her to publish lies again and again. In her latest posts she is stunned by finding that Croatia have anti-Fascists, wooow what a shock ! You can all guess here fealings when she realize where was Serbs during WW2. But lets analyze what she discovered this time:

What a curious thing that I never got any complaints about my writings from this group. And please — don’t hurt these Croatians; they are an endangered species!

Umm could it be that honest people don't want to have anything with chetnik writer? Or maybe you are avoiding answering truth and pick only fabrications and well paid articles. Maybe if you put price list on blog they will gather money so that you actually once in your life write truth !

Croatia did get to sit at the victors’ table as if they were Hitler’s victims too, along with the rest.

Dear Julia Croatia didnt get to sit , Croatia earned that seat!

Both Croatia and Serbia had pro-Axis governments during World War II. All of the nations of Yugoslavia had elements which supported the Axis and all had elements that were anti-Axis during the War. However, it was the Croatian dominated Partisans, led by the Croatian Josip Broz Tito which formed the only true anti-Fascist fighting force in Yugoslavia and the most formidable Allied force in occupied Europe during World War II

While the majority of the Croatian people favored an independent Croatian state, many did not support the Ustase regime. 'When the war broke out there were fewer than twelve thousand members of the movement representing less than one per cent of the Croatian population. At its height in 1942, there were only sixty thousand Ustase. Over sixty per cent were from impoverished Western Herzegovina with a strong anti-Serbian sentiment from the dictatorship of Alexander. Some twenty per cent were Muslims who joined in direct response to Serbian massacres in Bosnia. The leader of Croatia's popular Peasant Party was jailed by the regime during the War.

Many members of the Croatian officer corps were pro-Allied and supported the Croatian Peasant Party. In September 1944 pro-Allied officers attempted a coup against Pavelic. The plotters had been promised an Anglo-American landing in Dalmatia and would have turned the Croatian Army against Germany to support the Allied invasion. The landing never took place. Dr. Ivan Subasic of the Yugoslav Government-in-Exile learned of the plot and informed the Soviets. Stalin immediately contacted Roosevelt and informed him that any such, action would be a violation of the Tehran agreement dividing Europe into spheres of influence. Roosevelt canceled all plans for the landing but British secret channels withheld the information from the Croatians on the premise that any revolt, even one doomed to failure, was better for the Allied cause than nothing.

The Partisans, founded by Josip Broz Tito, a Croatian Communist, represented the only true resistance to the Axis in Yugoslavia during World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Croatians joined the Partisans and thirty-nine of the Partisan's eighty brigades were Croatian. On June 22, 1941 Croatian Partisans began what would come to be known as the War of Liberation in Yugoslavia.

On July 13, 1943 a Democratic Republic of Croatia under the leadership of Andrija Hebrang was declared in those areas occupied by the Croatian Partisan forces. As the war progressed more and more Croatians, especially from Dalmatia, joined the Partisans.

Serbs joined in great numbers late in the War as entire Cetnik units changed their allegiance. By 1943 Allied support shifted to Tito and by 1944 the Partisans were the only recognized Allied force fighting in Yugoslavia. The complexities of World War II saw Croatian fighting Croatian, Serb fighting Serb, and both fighting each other as well as German, Italian, Hungarian and Bulgarian forces.

Both Serbia and Croatia, like Finland, Hungary, France and virtually every other nation in Europe, were occupied by the Axis and had governments which collaborated with the Axis. Both Croatia and Serbia also had Partisan governments fighting for the Allies. A half century later Germany and Japan were again great world powers and Italy was a full partner in the European community while Croatia, having been occupied by Germany and Italy, continued to be tarred with the brush of Fascism by Belgrade's mythology.

So Julia calling Croatia Nazi state is same as calling Finland, Hungary, France and virtually every other nation in Europe the Nazi state.

As for your comment :
But apparently, as long as Croatians are saying “Za dom” instead of “Zeig Heil” while doing the Hitler salute, it’s OK.

Thompson became popular with their 1991 hit song "Bojna - Čavoglave", which was released during the Croatian War of Independence; a time when Croats were pitted against Serbs who opposed Croatia's Declaration of Independence from Yugoslavia. The song depicts a battle involving a battalion of Croat soldiers from Cavoglave, a village in the Dalmatian hinterland (and the birthplace of Marko Perkovic). The song includes the "za dom - spremni!" slogan which was used by the World War II-era Ustaše.

However the term did not originate as a fascist slogan; it has been used by Croats for centuries after it was used to salute Josip Jelacic,ban of Croatia - Za dom! -Spremni umrijeti!(For homeland! -Ready to die!).! So it isn't "Zig Heil" as you suggested !

And at the end :
Which still doesn’t explain why he sings about WWII death camps so happily.

Can you once in your life ask your serbian employees to show you that footage ? Ohh wait, they can't because it doesn't exist !

As for rest you can again read, hear and watch :
Marko Perkovic - Thompson, true story about concert

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eric siverson said...

It is not Julia that called Europe one big NATZO State it was me . I for the life of me could not see any deviation in what NATO did to Yugoslavia in the 1990s and what the nazis did in the 1940s . In fact NATO installed two former NAZIS as the leaders of both Croatia and Bosnia . I believe Russia considers NATO about the same as the NAZI force . NOW many eastern block countries are starting to ask a lot of good questions . especially after Germany and Their NATO criminal friends destroyed Yugoslavia . Forgetting about peace treaties and a whole bunch of international laws . I just cant help it The KLA and AL Qaida look like terrorists to me . And NATO or NAZI I cant tell the differance .