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Monday, July 23, 2007

Janko "half-man" or full time chetnik?

Julia Gorin posted a letter from "half-man" Janko, who actually is full chetnik man. Your brave Janko admitted why he did left Croatia by himself and here is quote:

…By the way…I was in Borovo Selo, which is a Serbian village, when the whole thing started in Croatia.

BY THE WAY ????? By the way he killed 12 policeman there ??? By the way he mutilate their bodies ??? By the way Janko you are fucking war crime fugitive ... you can admit it to your self, and that is main reason why his family in Croatia don't want anything to do with Janko. Here is short introduction for readers what happened in Borovo Selo and why that event actually trigger the war on which orthodox Serbian was prepared with weapons from Yugoslavian army. So for sake of discussion ask Janko one question: WHO ATTACKED? DID CROAT ATTACKED SERBIA or SERBIA ATTACKED CROATIA ?

Learn the facts Janko and Julia even from this short movie

As it was explained in the previous chapter, the nationalistic Serbian policy, led by Slobodan Milosevic, created high tensions between Croats and Serbs in entire Croatia, but especially in Vukovar area, because Serbian nationalists planned to transform Vukovar into the capital of so called "Serb autonomous district Krajina". The center of Serbian rebellion in Vukovar area was in several villages near Vukovar.

One of these villages was Borovo Selo, situated to the northeast of the town. Here, on May 2nd 1991 two Croatian policemen were killed by Serbian rebels. Croatian government immediately sent a convoy of special police to Borovo Selo to disarm the rebels and restore order. The convoy was ambushed as it entered the village; 12 policemen were killed and 21 were wounded. When the Croatian police retreated, Serbian rebels mutilated the dead bodies of Croatian policemen with axes and knives.

Several ambulances from nearby towns came to Borovo Selo to help the wounded. Crews of a most ambulances carried out their duties professionally and took care of the wounded policemen. But the Serbian crews of some ambulances that came from Vukovar hospital started throwing hand grenades on wounded policemen. This was witnessed by Vesna Baumgartner and Marko Mandic, a Croatian ambulance crew that arrived to Borovo Selo shortly after the ambulances with Serbian crews. The following day Croatian Television aired the pictures of dead policemen, some with missing limbs, some with no ears, some with eyes dug out... The road to war was open...
After the massacre in Borovo Selo, the Croats in Vukovar realized how vulnerable they were. Intense fear was felt across the town. The people stopped visiting the surrounding countryside. Everybody stayed at homes. Even the Serbs from Borovo Selo stopped coming to Vukovar. The authorities in Vukovar realized that it was time to start preparing the town's defense.

The events in Borovo Selo and the fact that JNA placed itself on Serbian side showed the Croatian government that it was high time to create military units that would defend the newly formed country. By the end of the month the first units of Croatian National Guard were formed.

Or look on this video from Serbian B92 from where did attacks actualy came:

Then Janko said:

Those that remained live in Zagreb, but we don’t talk to each other, primarily because they consider themselves Croatians now and I can’t stand that coat-turning…and they probably think I am too radical or something, just for fighting for the rights of Serbs of Croatia.

What the fuck should they call themselves??? Serbian ??? What connection they have with Serbia ??? They are born, and their generations was born in Croatia, off course they are Croatians. Would Janko also call Julia Gorin "coat-turning" because she doesn't call herself Russian ... because she was born there? For fuck sake learn that country and religion is different things.

Than our shit-for-brains Julia Gorin jump to opportunity to bring again chetnik ideology and claim that Draza Mihaijlovic is good guy , hell USA give him Legion of Merit and USA cannot be wrong, yea we learned that with supporting Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and many others... Once for all learn facts Julia Gorin and facts are clear chetniks started war as communist partners and after 6 months they switched to Nazi's as I pointed you many times:



Anonymous said...

Nice article.

"Or look on this video from Serbian B92 from where did attacks actually came:"

The video isn't working.

Anonymous said...

there is no albanians in kosovo they are serbs. genereations and generations born there and are they serbs?

Guzonja said...

Uh, brate, Engleski ti je super. Ni Sekspir (Shakespeare) ti nije ravan.

Anonymous said...

Julia Gorin is a Jew.
In Russia or USA.
Same goes for any other nation where ever they live.
War in croatia was ONLY on teritories where Serbs are majority (including Vukovar), did they attacked them selves and enjoy distroying their own property?

Anonymous said...

this article is crap.

Anonymous said...

bullshit without any fucking prove.
you know what's the difference between a croat and a serb? religion. that's the only difference. all the rest are bullshit as what she wrote about kosovo.


Anonymous said...

When Adolph Hitler drew the Area For Croatia he included a lot of Orthodox Serbian towns .True the only difference between a Serb and a Croat is the Roman Catholic religion and the Orthodox Catholic religion . But the Croats figured this was a big enough difference during WW 2 to kill about 700,000 Serbs in their prisons when Hitler and the Roman Catholics controlled Croatia during W W 2 I recall a Croatian town that had about 4000 Serb residence in 1990 by 1994 every Serb was gone , their houses either mysteriously just caught fire or blew up . The constitution of Croatia was changed to only include the Croats , The Serbs lost their jobs in Public employment . Croatia declared independence and started flying the same old flag they flew under Hitler's administration . They even starting singing the old Nazi song about killing a Serb . Naturally in areas where Serbs were the largest majority they had to organize something . If NATO mostly Germany would have minded their own business . Milosevic should have sent the Serbian Army to save the Serbs . But Milosevic was to afraid of NATO or Nazis which look to be pretty much the same thing to me . Now NATO has captured about as much of Europe as Hitler had before he met his waterloo . Now NATO is pushing into Ukraine . Russia is threatening NATO or NAZIS or what ever you want to call them with another waterloo . The truth about Yugoslavia is the Orthodox were screwed again by the Roman Catholics and the Muslims . Contrary to the NATO court and the western worlds opinion it was the Serbs that were the biggest victims of ethnic cleansing with way out and far the most displaced people . This would have never happened if Russia had been well. Russia is well now and the Russian people are fully aware of what is happening . Every thing is a little different now , but every thing is still the same . It started again in the Balkans and Germany and her allies are trying to confront Russia .