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Friday, July 6, 2007

How much chetniks are paying to Julia Gorin?

Obviously Julia Gorin want to show the world from where she is been payed. Now even 2 year old child could see that chetniks are paying her with large amount of money, but that is fine by me I won't hear screams from grave of their victims. On her latest post she is glorifying chetnik movement so I wont try to comment much simply to answer as usually with image and facts:

Mihailovich's commanders with the invader (from left to tight): 1) Colonel Lučić , 2) Major Dongić, formerly of the Yugoslav Army, Četnik commander, cooperator with the Germans and Nedić's men, 3) Ilija Trifunović-Birčanin, Mihailovć's commander for Dalmatia, 4) Milorad Ljanovski, 5) Daka Tešanović, Četnik commander, and 6) Lieutenant Ignjatović.
A German officer is shown by a cross.
Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum courtesy of Muzej Revolucije Narodnosti Jugoslavije
Copyright: Public Domain
Subject Classification: Invasion & Occupation -- Yugoslavia -- General -- Nazi Collaborators

Lie: Last fall Mihailovich kept as many as seven Nazi divisions chasing him through his Sumadija mountains.

A group of Chetniks pose with German soldiers in an unidentified village in Serbia.

Locale: [Serbia] Yugoslavia;
Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum courtesy of Muzej Revolucije naroda i narodnosti Jugoslavije

Mihailovich’s swarming raiders have preserved an “Island of Freedom”, which for a time was 20,000 square miles in area, with a population of 4,000,000.
FACT: ibidem,p.232,footnote 179; BA/MA, RH 24-15/2 Bfh. d. dt. Tr. i. Kroat.,Ia-Lagebeurteilung fuer die Zeit vom 1.3.-15.3.43 (16.3.43.)

“In the future,ammunition will be handed out only to those Chetnik units who under German command fight the Partisans.”

Mihailovich’s annihilation of Axis detachments, bombing of roads and bridges, breaking of communications and stealing of ammunition have been so widespread that the Nazis had to declare a new state of war in their “conquered” territory

FACT: Following lines were written by Edmund Glaise von Horstenau in his diary:

“The units that could really be used against the partisans were the Serbian and partly the Russian volunteers and-Draza Mihailovic’s people.My liason officer with them was a certain major,Ritterkreuztraeger.”

>written on situation in Serbia during his visit to Belgrade in June 1944.<

LIE: Mihailovich’s example has kept all Yugoslavia in a wild anti-Axis ferment. The Axis has resorted to executing untold thousands, but the revolt continues. Last month the Nazis said they had seized Mihailo-vich’s wife, two sons and daughter, threatened to execute all relatives of Mihailovich’s army and 16,000 hostages if the General did not surrender within five days.

“Chetniks (…) our natural allies. Only they are fighting! “Kroatische Kampfgemeinschaft” exists only on paper.”
ibidem,p.378; BA/MA, RH 19 XI/29 OKW/WfSt, Gruppe Ic/Ao Vortragsnotiz fuer Aussenchefbeschprechung am 25.7.1944 (23.7.1944)

LIE: Last October the Nazis even asked for peace.


“DM has repeatedly tried to make contact with us” >”…mit uns ins Gespraech zu kommen.”<

ibidem,p.488; BA/MA, RW 40/86 Militaerbefehlshaber Suedost, Abt. Ia, Lagebericht fuer die Zeit vom 16.2-15.3.1944 (25.3.1944)

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Anonymous said...

Amazingly stupid! Your ignorance is truely astounding. You didnt give a single reference to any facts. The fact is that even in America, you will read the truth about the airmen saved by the Serbs. Why not simply ask the airmen that are alive today? There are statues in the USA of Draza Mihailovic! Read about Operation Halyard: You cannot simply revise history idiot! Albanians formed Pro Nazi SS Divisions as did the Croats and Bosnians. The Serbian Cetniks(Royalists) and Partizans(Communists including both Serbs and Croats) were one of the only groups that fought Nazi's even after occupation while the rest of Europe lied down and accepted defeat.

Anonymous said...

Wohooo... I mean really when you see pictures, documents, dates, ammunition orders and similar you are still claiming : "You didn't give a single reference to any facts"

What and IDIOT (yes with capital letters)....

Once for all learn that Serbian Cetniks was quisling group who fight back to back with Nazis (Germans, Italians, Ustashe and many more).

Only true Anti-Nazi force was Partisans with Tito leadership .....

Anonymous said...

You must know serbian language so please read what Serbian historian said in his book: