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Friday, July 13, 2007

Kosovo: Serbian lies and deceptions

Julia Gorin on her latest blog posts try to use satirical quotes fro other comedians since she is clearly doesn't fit in comedian category, but using quotes like this:

So… it got me to thinking… There are a bunch of Kanadians (proof that this quote was written by Serb) who really like the island of Manhattan… we were thinking of coming down there en masse, breeding up huge families, setting our psycho and sociopaths loose on you, and then applying to the UN to start a new country… you figure it’ll work?

Is again deception for her readers, Albanians from Kosovo DIDN'T "come down" to Kosovo, they live on that land long before 7th century when Serbians came from Karpat mountains, and Kosovo is recognized in history autochthonous Ilyrian. For longer explanation you can look HERE

The Albanian language derives from the language of the Illyrians, the transition from Illyrian to Albanian apparently occurring between the 4th and 6th centuries AD. Ilyrian culture is believed to have evolved from the Stone Age and to have manifested itself in the territory of Albania toward the beginning of the Bronze Age, about 2000 BC. The Ilyrians were not a uniform body of people but a conglomeration of many tribes that inhabited the western part of the Balkans, from what is now Slovenia in the northwest to and including the region of Epirus, which extends about halfway down the mainland of modern Greece. In general, Ilyrians in the highlands of Albania were more isolated than those in the lowlands, and their culture evolved more slowly a distinction that persisted throughout Albania's history.

Kosovo was occupied during Balkan wars (1912-1913) in contradiction with the aspiration of the Albanians, expressed during their national liberation movement 1878-1912. In this manner Serbia, in spite of getting the “international legitimacy” for the occupation of Kosovo, in no way was able to justify the legitimacy of its act. In addition to this, Serbian possessive attitudes towards Kosovo which refer to history are unfounded.

Spain “had conquered all Latin America in the beginning of XVI century. Neither do “Russians ever mention their historic rights over Ukraine”. Historic arguments speak very clearly that “Serbs were placed in Kosovo with their expansion under the rule of Nemanjics’”.

That Kosovo was not part of Serbia can be proven by the following historical and political facts: Kosovo was not part of the independent sovereign state of Serbia with its international personality recognized in the Berlin Congress (1878); Kosovo was not part of Serbia in the Second AVNOJ Congress (1943); Kosovo was not part of Serbia during its establishment as a federal unit in the Anti-Fascist Popular Liberation Council (1944); Kosovo was not part of Serbia in the structure of Constitutional Assembly of Yugoslavia when the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was founded (1945). Kosovo was not included in the sovereign Serbia, except in federal Serbia within federal Yugoslavia, during the military occupation of Kosovo (1945).

The future of Kosovo cannot be compared with secessions in some other parts of the world. The states that remain reserved towards Kosovo independence should be mindful of this fact. They should instead look and find the “common ground” between Kosovo and certain other countries of the world, which have agreed to the removal of sovereignty over other territories. In this regard, the relations between Kosovo and Serbia are comparable with the relations of Indonesia and East Timor. As it is well known, East Timor was occupied and annexed by Indonesia in 1975, contrary to the will of Portugal as the external sovereign, a fact which makes the annexation of Indonesia unlawful. In 1988 Indonesian government recognized the right to self-determination to the East Timor people. Singapore is another example that should be taken under consideration. This country was partitioned from Malaysia in 1965. The example of Eritrea is also meaningful for Kosovo. It was the Ethiopian government that recognized the right to self-determination to Eritrea in 1991. The case of Kosovo is also similar to the case of Namibia. Partition of Namibia from South Africa and its independence occurred in 1991.

At the end here is quote on which I can agree with Julia Gorin satiric comparison of Serbia and basketball:

I’ve read a bit of history and, for the past 10 years or so, I’ve thought that the world’s outrage against Serbia fits the “second foul syndrome” in basketball: Player A repeatedly holds, elbows, and fouls Player B, and gets away with it because the referee doesn’t see him fouling. Finally, Player B refuses to take it anymore, has his Donald Duck moment, and retaliates against Player A. Only problem is, the referee NOW sees Player B’s retaliatory foul, and calls a foul only on him.
But our Julia was in hurry and she forget to remind people that Player A actually is Serbia ...


Anonymous said...

Look, send a bunch of Mexicans over and then you backwards, feudal warriors can get together and jointly hate them.

Anonymous said...

Glad you know the truth...! Maybe you should check history again!, you may have read the wrong chapter!!

Majlind Koci said...

All the world know the truth serbs are barbarians when we was have theater they have live in tree in karpare .

srpskirod said...

Does anyone else but me find it strange that no one actually knows where the serbs migrated from? The reason why is this (They have always been in this region!!!)We have gone through numerous attempts of other nations trying to exstinguish our history, the turks, the german, the croats, the albanians and now the u.s. my God in heaven, it seems only He knows the truth about serbs. We know where we come from but nobody wants to listen, why do you think we are so passionate about it, its not like we have ever had the chance of being opportunist's (which is basically what we are being accused of among other things)because we are always being attacked. Go walk on th soil of Kosovo and you will realize the heart and soul of it is the Serbian people, the thousand year old churches,( if thereis any left) the names given to all the towns and rivers are all in the serbian language, an entire nation is having their roots ripped out from under them! Ofcourse we are angry! What if China decided New York was theirs because so many of them migrated there would you give it to them or would they have any right to take it themselves? Ofcourse not!!! Please just for a moment imagine this being done to your nation. War is not right , i know this, but when somthing you hold dear and love is being taken away from you, would you not rise up to defend it? I'll bring it to a close with this question. God save us all.

nenad said...

More than j hear this anti Serbian propaganda more than j like my country .ZIVELA SRBIJA DUSMANI .

Anonymous said...

More than j hear this anti Serbian propaganda more that j,m proud of my country .Zivela Srbija