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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Julia Gorin is a poor journalist

The Serbian Unity Congress (SUC) is the largest Serb- nationalist organization in the United States. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is devoted to political lobbying on behalf of the regimes in Belgrade and Pale. The SUC is both a membership organization made up of individuals and an umbrella organization linking a number of Serb-nationalist groups. It represents the interests of Serbian political leaders by:

  • lobbying as a political action committee;
  • sponsoring a disinformation campaign which targets the media, university campuses and research centers;
  • engaging public relations firms to lobby on behalf of the Serbian leadership in Pale and ensure representation during congressional committee hearings;
  • purchasing the services and support of journalists and speakers.

A frequent tactic of the Serbian lobby is to begin public debates by arguing that critically-minded people should recognize the existence of political interests behind the production of information and thus should be aware that 'truth' and 'objectivity' lie 'somewhere in the middle.' (Sound familiar Julia?)

By reducing real events to personal interpretations the Serbian lobby has managed to camouflage the actual aggression and the commission of genocide behind supposed 'opinions' which can be neither 'verified' nor 'denied.' Their aim is clearly to present the conflict in the Former Yugoslavia as a civil war rooted in ancient hatreds in order to discourage public opinion from supporting direct U.S. military intervention. To these ends the SUC, Serbnet, SAVA etc. have developed a well organized system of producing propaganda and seemingly credible references.

The Serbian propaganda campaign employs methods similar to Holocaust denial and revisionism Their first line of action is to create an atmosphere of relativism, as discussed above. The seccession of Slovenia and Croatia from the former Yugoslavia and their recognition by Germany is equated with the bombardment of civilian centers such as Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Vukovar.

The second line of action is then to deny the totality of the destruction in order to downplay the purpose and systematic nature of the aggression. Dubrovnik was barely attacked, they argue. Vukovar was destroyed by Croatian forces...

There is no evidence of a systematic rape policy -- where is the commander who gave the order, they argue? Personal testimonies and eye witness accounts are discarded as 'inadequate evidence.' The third line of action is then to create their own 'facts' and 'references' and it is here where they have been most successful. (again Julia's methods...)

The organized Jewish community has been particularly critical of the Serbian regime and the violence inflicted on the Bosnian people. However, there is a clear counter- offensive being launched by the SUC and Serbnet to co-opt Jewish public opinion. This involves a propaganda campaign which recalls the role of the Ustashe and certain Muslim contingents who supported by the Mufti of Jerusalem during the Second World War.

Their main attack is in the form of articles written by Alfred Lipson, a leader of the community of Holocaust survivors and Sir Alfred Sherman . Through the Serbian Jewish Friendship Society and direct meetings with Jewish organizations, the SUC has conducted an energetic campaign to win over Jewish and Israeli support.

This has included efforts to overturn the position adopted by the National Organization of Jewish Community Relation Councils (NJCRAC), which endorsed a call for air strikes and the lifting of the arms embargo against the Bosnian Government. According to Bosnian and Jewish sources, the Serbian lobby is also engaged in a broader campaign which has targeted the Israeli Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.

Qoute from another blog:

In addition to James “Ace” Lyons, Jr., and Doug Bandow, the Advisory Board of the American Council for Kosovo includes Ambassador James Bissett, Andrew G. Bostom, Thomas Gambill, Julia Gorin, William J. Murray, the Rev. Canon Keith Roderick, Wanda Schindley, Sir Alfred Sherman, and Robert Spencer. (The community of journalists should investigate whether these advisory board members are paid by the lobby for their publications on its behalf.)

So when we see this explanations I ask again: HOW MUCH ARE THE PAYING YOU JULIA GORIN for cut-and-paste?


Peshkatari said...

Sadly, I [b]wish[/b] La Gorin were nothing but a paid shill; a sort of "Elmer Gantry" for the Serbs. The fact-and one that makes her a legitimate danger to the Croat, Bosniak, and Albanian communities, I believe-is that she appears to be quite sincere.

Of course, the other thing is that she is [b]not[/b] a journalist, but rather a propagandist, and one of the most brazen sort. People need to be made aware of her, and she and her vile lies, distortions, and half-truths need to be exposed to the cleansing light of day.

Anonymous said...

135'I found the propaganda more on The Bosnian Muslim's Albanian and Croat's side . I found Julia to be more accurate than the other side . I spent several yrs in Milosevic's trail And found him innocent of all crime . But I'am sorry I cant't say that this would be true for NATO or even the Hague court . The only difference I can say of NATO's destruction of Yugoslavia and the nazis is NATO has more fire power and much greater propaganda machinery