Al-Qaeda on Kosovo ~ Julia Gorin Truth

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Al-Qaeda on Kosovo

A shameful article written by Julia Gorin on American Thinker is accusing Kosovo Albanians as part of Al-Qaeda organization on Kosovo. Without any proof Julia Gorin try to hide real truth that Kosovar's was oppressed by Serbian government and she even try to hide war crimes under some "holy war" against Kosovo Muslims. But truth is opposite, there is no Al-Qaeda on Kosovo only in mind of Serbian propaganda machine which will do anything to grab land which doesn't belong to them historically in any way. Here is some of brave Serbian "holy war" victim's:

A few months old baby was found covered with a blanket in Abri e Epërme Village of Drenica. The baby was one of the members of the Delijaj family that was killed. The Serbian authorities claimed that only terrorists were killed. Does the above victim look like a Al-Qaeda terrorist?

Even this image look like scenes from horror movies it is actual images of Serbian war crimes on Kosovo Albanians.

Below you can find pictures of civilians killed by the serbian troops in 1998 only. Since they are very disturbing, we do not recommend viewing them if you are under 18 and / or sensitive.

Massacre in Rogove Village. January 1999.

Massacre in Reçak, Nerodime. January 1999

Massacre in Abri e Epërme, Drenicë. October, 1998.

Massacre in Lybeniq, Drenicë. Summer, 1998.

Massacre in Prekaz, Drenicë. February, 1998.

You can find additional information on the "Human Rights Watch" page, links listed below: