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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Serbian lie about 500 US Airman

Even we pointed to notorious lie that chetniks under leadership of Draza Mihailovic did save 500 airman Julia Gorin is again using same story to somehow try to give nicer picture to her Serbian employees. Julia once for all chetniks didn't save anyone during the WW2 ! You lied to American Veterans and you need to explain yourself to them ! That is real purpose of your latest blog post.
And your source is really nice, it is man who is paid to yell on every serbian gathering :

"I love the Serbs," said Jibilian, 75, a retired industrial safety director.
But even he changed after he did see all crimes what serbs did, his latest comment is:
"But right is right and wrong is wrong. And as much as I love the Serbs," said Jibilian, "what they're doing now," in driving Albanians from their homes,"is wrong."

I proved you that Nik Lalich and US Army Lt. Col. Robert H. McDowell was part of US spy mission. On this picture you can see US Army Lt. Col. Robert H. McDowell, Draza Mihailovic and group of ustashas. This picture is from Belgrade museum of WW2 so denying it is is foolish.

But on the other side let me point you to another story... which I know you wont publish on your blog because it is story about Croatia and WW2.

The Airmen and the Baroness

Learning the realities of the fate of American airmen in Croatia during World War II proved even more interesting than uncovering the source of the mythology. Between the years of 1973 and 1979, this author undertook primary and secondary research into the subject which resulted in a monograph titled Allied Prisoners of War in Croatia 1941-1945. Since there were fewer than one hundred airmen, American, British, Russian, South African, and Partisan, who were held by the Croatian government during the War, the myth that "dozens" or twenty-five percent, were executed is a significant one.

As a part of the study, ten Americans who had been held prisoner-of-war in Croatia were interviewed as were guards, the American-born priest who celebrated mass and others who were present at the estate of the Baroness Nikolic which served as the POW "camp" on the outskirts of Zagreb. The findings of this study were surprising. It was learned that the "camp" at 203 Pantovcak in Zagreb had no fence. Visitors were welcome and some POWs visited a nearby tavern until German soldiers visited the same tavern. POWs had a radio and listened to U.S. Armed Forces radio. And the camp tennis champion was Frank Ryan of Sommerville, New Jersey.

Picture: Baroness Nikolic, Fr. Benkovic, holding an American airman's hat, the camp commander, in great coat and American, British and South African POWs at the Nikolic "camp" in Zagreb

Essentially the Baroness Nikolic considered the airmen her guests and afforded them the best treatment and food available given the wartime conditions, including a generous wine ration. Several POWs worked in the villa's vineyards and records were kept of all such work so that the POWs could be paid after the war as provided for by Geneva Conventions. Given the chaotic state at the end of the war, the airmen were given vouchers instead of cash. One former POW, a guest of honor at a Los Angeles Croatian Day celebration in 1979, still had his voucher and promised to cash it in when Croatia became independent.

Often the Croatian Red Cross provided the airmen with such luxuries as chocolate and cigarettes that were unavailable to the average Croatian soldier. While wounded or ill Croatian soldiers could expect little more than meager supplies in field first aid stations, American POWs were treated at Zagreb's finest hospital and there is photographic evidence of visits to them by Croatian Chief-of-State Pavelic and other officials.

Picture: Four Croatian guards, one visiting Croatian civilian and American POWs at the Nikolic "camp" in Zagreb

Americans Helping Croatians

In early 1945 an attempt was made to evacuate American pilots from what was soon to be a war zone. Croatian Air Force General Rubcic saw to it that twelve American pilots were trained in the use of Croatian aircraft, planes which represented the last hope for the air defense of Croatia's capital. After familiarization, fourteen Americans and one Croatian liaison officer flew to Allied Italy via Zadar where they tried to convince American forces to land on the Dalmatian coast and meet the Red Army at the Drina river. In 1943 Croatian Lt. Colonel Ivan Babic had flown a similar mission to American occupied Italy to suggest to the Americans that such an invasion would meet no resistance and that the Croatian Army would even establish a beachhead for them. The American command knew that the Dalmatian coast was Hitler's great weakness and that such an attack could split the German armies. Neither the Croatian nor American commanders knew that Yugoslavia had been designated as the Soviet sphere by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. Allied forces continued to fight and die one foot at a time up the boot of Italy.

Still other Americans offered their services to the Croatians in order to try to save Croatian troops from the communists. Lt. Edward J. Benkoski, pilot of the P-38 fighter "Butch," joined Englishman Rodney Woods and John Gray, a Scot, in attempting to negotiate for the Croatians in May 1945. Another American officer accompanied Croatian officials to negotiations at Bleiburg, Austria at the end of the war to keep Croatians from being returned to certain death in Yugoslavia. They failed.

The American priest Theodore Benkovic who often celebrated mass for the airmen wrote:

Despite constant American bombings, the Croatians bore no hatred toward the Americans, for in a fatalistic way they held it to be necessary. I saw my countrymen held captive in Mostar, how the people treated them well, even offering the American flyers the few cigarettes they possessed; how they begged me to make known to my countrymen of their hope of liberation by the Americans.

None of the airmen interviewed or surveyed recalled any instance of mistreatment and some provided documentary and photographic evidence of very close personal relationships with Croatian officers and female members of the Croatian Red Cross. The study failed to find the name of any Allied POW who was executed and found no "official policy" of executing airmen. Several airmen did recall that they were warned in pre-flight briefings that they would be executed if captured by the Croatians.

That information was supplied by Mihailovic' s Serbian Cetniks who were paid in gold for each airman returned to the Allies.

In January 1966 the Baroness Nikolic visited the United States to attend a showing of her artworks. Several of her former "prisoners" welcomed her to Cleveland. One, Gene Keck of Washta, Iowa travelled nine hundred miles by bus to see her again. "She's my second mother...I was her baby when we were on her estate in Zagreb." Often the mythology is diametrically opposite of the truth.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say, great site! It's about time the actual truth is spoken

Anonymous said...

It is really a shame that you express your research as the truth. How do we know that what you state is the truth. One thing I have learned in life is that it is the easiest thing in the world to say something and represent it as the truth. If your evidence is the picture of Mihilovich with the ustashi I find it ironic that Draza would take a picture with ustashi that he and the Chetniks were fighting trough out the WW II. It was also the ustashi that were killing the Serbs the ustashi that have come alive again in Zagreb. The ustashi were Croat's. Make sure you check your facts before you represent it as true. Also get both sides of the story. I am tired of people that may or may not have an agenda passing off something that may or may not be the truth as the truth and just brushing off something that may or may not be the truth as a lie. As to the anoymous comment I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to someone that accepts a article as "the actual truth" without verifying what you are reading. The politions that spin everything they do and say love people like you.

jFk said...

Well I'm sorry that truth doesn't fit you but it is not me who should be ashamed actually. If you found picture of Draza Mihajlovic with ustasha's ironic that you don't know anything about Balkan and history.

Even many Serbian look at him as some hero who did fight against Nazi's, the actual truth is he was collaborator with them and Nazi himself.

When using text, images and video I never use fabrications always proven facts which can be found all over the internet so here is something what you should research first:

As for Ustashi, yes they were Croats and they are same collaborators as chetniks no doubt at all. But my articles speak about Julia Gorin lies, and that is a fact that Nazi ideology, their marks and similar stuff is FORBIDDEN by law in Croatia while chetniks in Serbia have glorification and even pensions.

In one word I'm against any nazi movement no matter where it come from, but this blog aim is to expose Julia Gorin lies simple as that as comment to her blog posts.

But with difference from her I allow comments and critics here as part of democracy.

In every article here I stated history facts, and anyone who reads them is welcomed to prove that I posted wrong facts.

Enjoy your reading ...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Anonmous Deux sees history through a very selective prism. Read "Serbia's Secret War" by Phillip Cohen and or The Scholar's Initiative and open your eyes. Ustasha or Chetnik supporters (mind you, support for the former is near non-existant, around .03% in Croatia, whereas the support for the latter in Serbia it is over 48% as the last elections showed) hate to admit the following: a) Neither the Ustasha or Chetnik ideologies are legitimate or justified in any way b) Chetniks in the so-called "Independent State of Croatia" collaborated with the Ustashas against the Partisans from 1942 until the end of the war; Lika/Dalmatian Chetnik genocide leader Bishop Djujic commanded 500 Ustashas in the attack against the Partisans in Knin, and he was treated in ZG military hospital in Maksimir in December 1944 c) Nearly half of all Serb deaths in WWII in the "NDH" were caused by Serb Chetnik vs. Serb Partisan fighting and war crimes. As for the "the Ustashi have come alive again in Zagreb," that is a notorious lie part of a series of notorious lies, created by Milosevic's media propaganda apparatus (lies which Julia Goebbles, sorry, Gorin, repeats incessently). a) When the "endangered Serbs" in the Socialist Republic of Croatia took to the streets of Zagreb demanding arms for "self-defense" because of "resurgent Ustashaism," the president of the Croatian Communist party was Serb, 47.5% of the Croatian Communist party was Serb, as was 70% of Croatia's police and 80% of the Yugoslav Peoples Army and Territorial Defense while 12% of Croatia, there was no multi-party system, nor was there any free press; there were no Ustashas but there were Chetniks, funded by Serbia's Security Services spewing hate and preaching war and genocide Oh, by the way, Milosevic by this point already hijacked the political system in Serbia, and was systematically violating Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia laws, stripped Kosovo/Vojvodina of autonomy and denied Albanians any basic human rights while agitating for Serb "autonomous provinces" in Croatia. Rather hypocritical. On the origin of the modern and or "resurgent Ustasha" LIE: see the ICTY evidence against Milosevic and his maniacs, the scum Goebbles-Gorin defends so fanatically by trying to "rationalize" and "justify" war crimes. JFK, please do all Croats, Serbs, Bosniaks, and Albanians a favor and open a page with this pasted, since it systematically exposes and discredites the lies and catchphrases spewed by Serb fascists and their supporters (i.e. Gorin, to name one big one; no pun intended). I will be sending you more evidence to post. Advice: count all of the logical fallacies in her articles and post them in text with the logical fallacies identified hyperlinked to any of the many logic/rhetoric sites

Anonymous said...

The actual truth is that during the recent civil war in former Yugoslavia, each party was as guilty as one another and not one can say that they don't have blood on their hands. However, how can JFK deny that over 500 airmen were rescued during WWII by the Chetniks. These airmen have written books, collaborated in wriing books (the most recent is entitled "The Forgotten 500") formed organisations to support Draza Mihailovic and protested on the streets during Draza Mihailovich's trial so as to be allowed to give evidence to support him. I would like to see JFK going up to these airmen and telling them that they weren't rescused by Chetniks. Surely only they can confirm whether this is true or not, which they have done. So, how can JFK deny what is so plainly the truth? Sadly, I can only come to one conclusion and that is that JFK's views are lead by shear hatred and bias against Serbs - there certainly is no impartiality in his views or thorough research. JFK, a word to the wise, go back and do some proper and through research using material which is unbiased, fair and just...and learn to live with others, not to spread ahtred and falshoods, that's how civil wars start. There has been far too much fiction written about former Yugoslavia already including your "fairy tale"

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who posted his commens on 4 May 2008, are we to beleive that the Serbs killed in concentration camps in Jasenovac is a myth or a form of propogranda created by Serbs? Did you know or speak with any of these Chetniks who, you alledge, collaborted with the Ustase? Somehow I doubt it. There are many of us who knew those brave men who faught in the Dinarska Divisia (they were grandparents and fathers to some of us) and I know for a fact that they faught against the Nazis and the Ustase. They suffered terrible losses with villages being burned down, for uprising against the Nazis. Not one family in that region of what is now Croatia and Bosnia, escpaed losing a loved one to the horrors of he concentration camps set up by the Ustase. So, get your facts right and recognise what is right and wrong and what is fact and fiction - the facts are this, Ustash killed, in some estimates, nearly a million Serbs in these conentration camps and this was wrong. The fact is that these Ustashe were Croatians whose moto was that the only good Serb was a dead one hanging from a treet. The fact is that the Ustashe was the government of the Nazi Puppet State of what was Croatia during WWII. Another fact is that this Nazi puppet state flew then the same Croatia flag as is now used for Croatia. Would the world allow Germany to use the Swatstika as it's national flag? They certianly would not. Therefore when the Serbs saw this flag being hoisted once more they feared that, once more, there would be killings of Serbs. These are facts well documented. It is a shame tht some people cannot accept these facts and that there ha been no apology to the Serbia people of this region for the losses they suffered. Instead, they have to hear that this did not happen (as apparently the USA airmen weren't rescused - how on earth that can be denised is beyond comprehension!) and that they collaborated with the Ustashe. Then why did the Ustashe kill so many serbs? No doubt you're going to say that the Ustashe didn't kill them. Then again, maybe you're as crazy as those who claim that Jews were not killed in concentration camps run by Nazis but in fact collaborated with the Nazis. Get a life and get real...and have respect for the dead who died in horrific circumstances and for those who faught for spreadying your lies you are on devilifying them again, as if once wasn't enough.

Anonymous said...

Hm...interesting truth is this. Check out the last public opinion in Croatia, over 80% of population thinks that ustashi's were fighting for the right thing....think about that!
Next...Kosovo was always a Serbian land, and the first people on that land were serbs... this is the fact that you didn't want to see ovioisly...and you don't need to go very far looking for the truth, just go on Wikipedia and check it out under "Srbija" and "Kosovo"....maybe some facts there will dissapoint you, but those are the facts. And, please just don't tell us about the USA democracy....we can see your nazi side everyday, and no one can do anything about that! To bad for the american people who are the victim's and hostage's of their own government, just like serbs are the same for their government and the whole world! Try to understand both sides, that is the truth! No war was leaded by one man..and only one man....Or, it takes two to tango!

Anonymous said...

July 24 Commentator I would agree with you that all sides have blood on their hands; however, it is a proven fact that Serbs have not only the responsiblity for the wars on their hands, but also 90% of the blood. Just like Germans suffered at the hands of Czechs, Poles, Croats, Serbs, and others in Europe towards the end of the war. The same goes for the Serbs. The difference is that DURING the war the democratic government of Croatia openly denounced and investigated and prosecuted any war crimes, the Serbs did not. Even Milan Babic admitted that there was not a single investigation for the 2,000 deaths of Croatian and non-Serb civilians in the fascist "Krajina" from 1990 to the miscellaneous end of "Krajina." Not one. The reason, Serbia's war, heralded by Milosevic, and his puppet states, were from top to bottom: criminal. The Croatian Army had, during and immediately after Operation Storm, had 1,000 courts martial and over 741 convictions. Every post of Gorin qualifies as either open hate speech, lies, half-truths, quarter truths, eigth truths, and one one thousanth truths. Her posts are highly emotional, primitive, racist, irrational, and above all, illogical.

Anonymous said...

Re July 27

a) You drew the false conclusion; I never insinuated it. I argued, truthfully and factually that which Serb historians admit: that Serb deaths in NDH were nearly split between victims of the Ustashe and of the Serb Chetnik vs. Serb Partizan tit for tat annihilation of the others' respective villages over a five year span. The USHM puts the deaths betwee 56,000 and 76,000 (basically a verification of the "revisionist" Tudjman's figures on Jasenovac). Your comment is really unrelated to my arguments.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have wrote "... the Croatian Army and civil courts had over 1,000 court martials and trials...", mea culpa. 95% of all trials were civilian since it was returning Croatian refugees who committed the crimes, after Operation Storm.

Continuing: The "heroic" fight of the Chetniks in the Dinara division was mostly against civilians; indeed, in Lika and Northern Dalmatia, battles between the forces were mostly in tit-for-tat against civilians. However, your "heroic" Dinara division collaborated with the Ustashas and most of the "resistance" that Serbs mythologize about is fantasy since, from 1942 until the very end of the war, the Chetniks in the so-called "NDH" were collaborating at the local, regional, and operational level.

Sabrina Ramet also writes of this, as does Mark Lampe, Lenard Cohen, and basically every major Balkanologist in history and political science today. And the Chetniks collaboration was not limited to fighting with the Ustase against the Partisans (both viewed the Partisans as an enemy, and it was a common enemy hence the shameless collaboration), as this portion of a letter from the mass rapist and perpetrator of genocide (against both Croats and Serbs) and Dinara commander, Bishop Momcilo Djujic to General Gustav Fehn of the 264th Division garrisoned in Knin (December 1, 1944), proves:

"The Chetnik Command with all of its forces has collaborated sincerely and loyally with the Germany Army in these areas from September last year. Our common interests demanded this. This collaboration has continued to this day.... The Chetnik Command wishes to share the destiny of the German Army in the future, too.... The Command requests that [the village of] Padene be the base for supplying our units, until a further common agreement is reached." During the November 25th to December 3rd battle of Knin, Djujic personally was in command of 4500 Chetniks and 1500 Ustashas.

Which makes the Serb propaganda and genocide justifications of the 1990s (and today, as your posts show), idiotic and at best, duplicitous.

Anonymous said...

Your selective memory and attempted monopoly on suffering is offensive. First, you neglect to admit that Croatians suffered BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER WWII at the hands of the Serbs. Indeed, the nucleus of the Dinara Division (the fleeing Serb cowards of the Yugoslav Army who didn't fire a shot against the Germans, but at Croatian civilians) created, with its raising of nearly every Croatian village during the German invasion (note: BEFORE the 370 Ustashas, the entire Ustasha movement prior to the German invasion; the Center Left HSS had over 90% support of Croatians in Croatia and abroad at before the war) in Lika, Northern Dalmatia, Hercegovina, Kordun, and Banija. This, of course, was after 27 years of Serb tyrrany, occupation, culturocide, and state-sponsored terror. Maybe if the protofascist King didn't have Radic liquidated because of his popularity among Croats and nearly half of all Croatian Serbs (the voting trends do not lie), and if that inbred protofascist degenerate dictator of Albanian extraction (family name was Kelmejdi two generations before; irony that the Serbs deify a fascist Serb of Albanian extraction considering their fanatical hatred of everything Albanian) didn't reward the liquidators of Radic and the HSS leadership in the Yugoslav Parliament with house arrest in a villa paid for by Yugoslav tax dollars (the house "arrest" only lasted a few years), and if Serb members of the "Yugoslav" Army didn't engage in a campaign of extermination of everything non-Serb during their fleeing from the Krauts, there would have been a counterbalance. But, after one's village is burned and family members are massacred, and open threats (the Moljevic Outline) continue, people turn to WHOEVER offers them arms and forget about politics. But of course, if Serbs aren't dying then it is not a crime, right?

Anonymous said...

You dare use the words "fact" and "facts" to support your pornography of history. You allege (on July 27, 2008) that "nearly a million" Serbs died in WWII. Too bad that the USMH puts Serb deaths in ALL OF THE SO-CALLED "NDH" AT 330,000. Indeed, Serbian historian Bogoljub Kocevic puts ALL SERB LOSSES ON ALL YUGOSLAV TERRITORY AT 537,000 (note, 207,000 Croatians were killed and 86,000 Bosniaks according to this SERB historian, all on NDH territory, which makes the figure 330,000 Serbs on NDH territory and 293 non-Serbs on NDH territory; basically, almost equal proportional deaths on NDH). So your lies and genocide justifications for the 1990s (false parallels pointing to NDH while suppressing Serb crimes preceding, during, and after WWII) fall face first. Kocevic sums up your, and 95% of Serbs' fanaticism (the only normal political party in Serbia is Jovanovic's party, and they wone 5% of the vote):

"Very soon it dawned upon me that the major obstacle to my work would be the MYTHS created over four decades about the number of the victims; MYTHS now deeply implanted in the souls of people of all religions, political beliefs and nationality; MYTHS, which by repetition became a "reality." There will be many who reject my study because it does not conform to their beliefs.... MANY SERBS ARE LOOKING FOR SPIRITUAL FOOD FOR THEIR POSITIONS IN THEIR ANTI-CROATIANISM... THERE EXISTS A "DEEPLY" ROOTED OPINION, I WOULD SAY MYTH, THAT THERE WERE AT LEAST ONE MILLION, IF NOT MORE, SERBS KILLED AND THAT THE SERBS WERE PRACTIALLY THE ONLY ONES WHO HAD REAL VICTIMS."

You and your propaganda don't have a leg to stand on.

Anonymous said...

And to finally shut you and your lies down: Momcilo Djujic was treated in the Maksmir Military Hospital in Zagreb after the battle of Knin, and released. Enough said.

Now to address the rest of your Milosevic era genocide-justification talking points:

There was not one Croatian family that has not had family members jailed by the monarhofascist regime, or butchered by Chetniks in WWII, or the YPA and Chetniks in the 1990s. Does that mean Croatians can start killing Serbs in the streets, looting and burning their houses, and ethnically cleanse them during a time of peace today as the Serbs did in 1988-1995 (indeed it was the "Log Revolution" and the ethnic cleansing of Lika and Northern Dalmatia from the summer of 1988 to the end of the summer of 1989 that led the political nobody nothing loser Tudjman to ever get votes? No. Neither scenario, the real, criminal Serb actions of the late 1980s and early to mid 1990s, nor my impossible scenario for today. Your argument is illegitimate, and quite frankly, openly fascist.

The Chetniks motto was no different from the U's, except that they replaced "Serb" with "Croat," "Muslim," and "Albanian."

The Chetniks and Ustashas ended up collaborating from 1942 to the end of the war.

The Serb flag was flown by the Nedic regime, a NAZI PUPPET STATE, and it is used by Serbia today. Your flag analogy is primitive and stupid; according to your idiotic "logic," the flags flown by France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, your beloved Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, the Ukraine, and even Russia cannot use their flags of today because of WWII collaborationists. Its moronic. Ergo, you are a ....

Your "flag" genocide justification is idiotic. a) The Croatian flag, with the Sahovnica (checker board emblem) was flown in Yugoslavia, for the Socialist Republic of Croatia; however it had a loser red star on it). b) Serbs accross Croatia, at Serb governement and Communist Yugoslav intelligence service-funded "meetings of truth" and "spontaneous gatherings of the people," flew Chetnik and Communist flags together long before the "Croatian Silence" ended. Indeed, from 1985 until 1989, Croatian politicians in the League of Communists said nothing in this revisionist and resurgent Serb fascist revival; and there was no free media or politics to speak of in "Yugoslavia," so there was no Croatians reacting. c) 7% of the men and women who fought for the Croatian army from 1991-1996 were Serb. Serbs were 12% of the population, however, the majority were from the city and well educated. They remained loyal to the Croatian state, and backed the democratic change while 67% in Serbia voted for Milosevic's Communist unitarism, and another 27% voted for Vojislav "We will dig the Croats' eyes out with rusty spoons" Seselj's Nazi-fascism: 94% of ethnic Serbs in Serbia voted for war and genocide. Your primitive propaganda holds no water due to a) the proportion of Serbs who fought for a Croatian democracy, i.e., 7%, a majority of Serbs in Croatia b) Milanka Opacic was an ethnic Serb and former Communist, however she supported a free and democratic Croatia and was a the first president of Croatia's parliament and a member of the Government of National Salvation.

At the end of the day, it was the peasants and primitives who supported the various S(R)AO "Krajina" genocidal fascist para-states.

Anonymous said...

July 31 Milosevic agit-prop comment:

What poll? Who did the poll and what was the amount of people polled and was the poll from all over Croatia?

48.5% of Serbs voted for the Nazi-Fascist Serbian RADICAL Party (the name itself explains it all), with indicted war criminal Vojislav "We will dig the Croats' eyes out with rusty spoons" Seselj on the party ballot; indeed that fascist degenerate (who was reportedly raped by Muslim inmates in Zenica prison in the mid 1980's; now a symbol of Serbian machismo and Serbdom) is still the PRESIDENT OF THE PARTY. Only the LDP has distanced itself from Milosevic and greater Serb ideology; every single other Serb party supported and still supports Milosevic's wars and genocides. Therefore, 95% of Serbs are fascist and or Communists socialsit nationalists (national socialists) a la Milosevic and the SPS. So, even if your alleged "poll" is true, you still lose by 10%.

Your Ustasha fetish is primitive and idiotic and devoid of any reality. a) A little over half of Croatia's Serbs supported Croatian independence and the democratic movement and were against their fellow Serbs resurgent fascism and or Communist unitarist turned Socialist Nationalist (National Socialist) unitarism of Milosevic. b) Every single Croatian minority supported Croatia's independence from Yugoslavia and democracy. c) Serbs systematically annihilated the Czechs, Hungarians, Ruthenians, Germans, and non-Serbs in their various "S(R)AO" "Krajinas" accross Croatia as they did any trace of Croatians.

If a Serb writes a revisionist article on wikipedia, it is a revisionist article on wikipedia; which is not considered serious scholarship. You should check out the Scholar's Initiative at Purdue University; it systematically demolishes all of the Milosevic propaganda you regurgitate, and guess what, most of the historians are Serb on the panel:

Nothing you have written is supported by any serious historian, media expert, or political scientist.

Your final comment, "it takes two to tango" is a false analogy: the Serbs had all of the arms in 1991.

Read up, son, then get back to me.

Anonymous said...

The posts by certain members of this board are best summed up by the modern "Father of the Serb nation," Dobrica Cosic; Milosevic's closest confidant:

"Deobe"(Divisions)1961.Volume I,page 135: "A lie,trait of our patriotism" “We lie to deceive ourselves, to console others, we lie for mercy, we lie to fight fear, to encourage ourselves, to hide our and somebody else’s misery. We lie for love and honesty. We lie because of freedom. Lying is a trait of our patriotism and the proof of our innate intelligence. We lie creatively, imaginatively and inventively."

Yugoslav said...

The ammount of lies, deceit and self-deception on this blog is just unbelievable. I will just laugh-out-loud away from this sewer...

Anonymous said...

Julia Gorin you are the perfect ustashi

Djole34j4 said...

LOL...Where is the group of Ustashas on that picture?

on that picture are Muslims who supported Draza Mihailovic.

About US Airman

eric siverson said...

worenc Jfk has chosen the communist story for his truth , Over there your either a nazi or a communist ,they know nothing else . I don't even think Julia lies , She just loves to tell the truth . It may be against the law to use nazi signa in Croatia , but they sure did not change it much . I consider most Croats Roman Catholic NAZIs and now much of Europe athiest or muslim nazis .

Anonymous said...

Well Eric I also consider you ignorant and stupid ... it isn't communist story it is history fact if you did bother to read actual article ... but doubt you could even comprehend what is written here you only consider lets defend serbs no matter what

Anonymous said...

You are right , I don't believe your article and did not read much of it . I don't believe your history and I always now support the Serbs . I care very little about supporting NAZI Croats or Albanians terrorist's . My mind was madeup in the Hague court which I think offers less justice than Adolph or even Stalin's courts . For your information Julia Gorin is not paid by the Serbs . She is a free gift from God and a messenger of truth . You are right my mind is madeup , I consider all of Europe NAZI now accept Serbia of course , I just cant't tolerate another NAZI lie , So I pay very little attention to any history you might wish to teach me . I have noticed that when a long time has lappsed on major crime most people become like me , no longer interested in trying to reason with lying criminals .

Anonymous said...

Truly a bunch of nonsense, Mihalovich was no Nazi/Ustashi collaborator. this was proven and confirmed by the UN. My grandfather fought along side him. My grandfather was responsible for saving 6 Jewish families and countless other Serbs during WW2. As far as those pictures go....please...sell you Croation Fables to the dumb and ignorant. I've noticed particularly i the last 10 years or so, Croatia wants to deny any wrong all wars.. why? When there is CLEAR EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THE CONTRARY. Croatia has to come to terms with their fascist past and present.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? One of these American Airmen literally posted an hour long video on YouTube describing the kindness they were met with from the Serbs... They sheltered them hidden away in barns, fed them and so on until they were in the safe hands of their nation. There were three of them on one of the local news stations in the U.S. Pleading with the American people not to believe all the propaganda lies during the war in the 90's. The Serbs were American Allies and at the same time being ethnically cleansed by Croats, Boniaks, Albanians all part of the Nazi regime!!! Just look it up on YouTube!!! You choose to be ignorant it's mind blowing!!!! This blog is a joke.