Republican Rape ~ Julia Gorin Truth

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Republican Rape

Unsure how to judge the Bush administration? Read former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr's book on the Clinton administration. Barr is convinced that Clinton did great damage to the country and its security.

However, to anyone who has paid attention to the lies and deception used by the Bush administration to take us to war against Iraq, and to Attorney General John Ashcroft's war against our civil liberties, Clinton's reign seems innocuous.

By helping us revisit Clinton's transgressions, Barr unintentionally enables us to judge the deterioration in Oval Office behavior under Bush. Lying about a sexual affair is just not on the same scale as lying about war. The petty penny ante real estate deal known as Whitewater pales into insignificance compared to the multi-billion dollar fraud of the Iraqi reconstruction contracts.

Republicans should have noted that President John F. Kennedy remains a political icon, although he certainly out-womanized Clinton. The notion of powerful men as womanizers and sexual predators is suspect on its face. The desire for top bragging rights that come from sleeping with powerful men makes women equally responsible. Some years ago a female journalist at the Washington Times told the story of being at a gathering of women journalists during the Kennedy administration. In walked a beaming blond newswoman, who proudly announced, "I've just come from the bed of the president!"

Barr believes that truth matters. If he is correct, George W. Bush is in for a hard time. As for Julia Gorin allegations about Bill Clinton's raping people I won't comment much I will let American people to judge who is raping America from this picture.