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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Truth from Israel


Anonymous said...

Poor brainwashed idiots. If Mohammed were to "end the "occupation" --that is, destroy Israel, he would rape you and slit your throats.

Anonymous said...

If you think muslim adversary is becuase of Israel occupation or the great satin helping the little satin . why was there a armienian massacre ? wasnt the skull tower built in the balkans many yrs before the jews returned to Israel .

Anonymous said...

There is no "occupation".
a "Jew" is someone from Judea.

Which the Arabs and their cretinous dupes call"Palestinian territories".
They never were.

Before the KGB invented the term"Palestinian", all Arabs regarded the Land of Israel as part of Syria.

Arab and Muslim terrorism is the reason why here are controls on Arab moves across the land of Israel;

Let them kill the murderers in their midst and they will have nothing to complain about.

Anonymous said...

These young jews are real " ISrael" ! I love them ! All the blessings of YHWH; be upon you, and protect You ! We hate N.W.O.= Zionism-freemasonry, which means ... Satanism !