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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Julia Gorin lies and fabrications

Finally some of US soldiers stationed in Kosovo decided to speak and end Julia Gorin lies once for ever. On their blog called The Liberty Zone they analyze every single lie Julia written regarding situation on Kosovo. So they conclude:

It is difficult to say where Ms. Gorin is getting her erroneous information, or whether she’s simply using her rather fertile imagination as a substitute for checking facts. However, her claims of what, in essence, are NATO-run concentration camps are simply untrue.

And there are more misrepresentations and outright lies. Gorin quotes a 2000 Washington Post article in order to paint the Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA, as a continuing influence in the region. She calls the KLA “violent, jihadist, narco-terrorist mafiosos” which “has continued arming itself in the event that the province isn’t granted independence this year.” The truth, according to those actually on the ground – those who know the truth – is quite different.

“[The] KLA is not alive and well. It no longer exists as a military organization,” says Multi-National Task Force (East) Chief of Staff, Col. Damon Igou. “However, there are legitimate government institutions that employ some of the former members of the KLA. The KPS (Kosovo Police Service), and an organization similar to our National Guard, the KPC (Kosovo Protection Corps). These organizations are multi-ethnic, professional and legitimate and employ many former members of the KLA that meet their rigorous standards.”

We are not politicians. We are Soldiers. We do our jobs to the best of our abilities, and we have kept the situation stable and secure in Kosovo on our watch. To claim otherwise … to twist the facts, publish outright lies and accuse our brave troops of turning their backs on genocide that is allegedly going on right under our noses is unforgivable and unacceptable, as well as outrageous and disrespectful to those who serve.

As for Soilder who did write letter to Julia Gorin here is real truth after some investigation:

The Battalion Commander of the Soldier in question had a conversation with the troop upon seeing this letter. According to the conversation account, the Soldier is currently in combat stress counseling - not because of anything he has encountered here, but because of problems back home. "I believe he's a good troop," writes the Battalion Commander, "but was manipulated by Gorin while he is under tremendous amount of stress due to personal tragedy at home." The Soldier also admitted he knew of no U.S. Soldiers killed in Kosovo on our rotation. He further conceded that he knew of no Serbs who were hurt in our area of operations, nor any that have been denied freedom of movement. He told his commander that he had not realized Ms. Gorin was going to "take everything he said seriously and 'word for word'."

UPDATE: Ms. Gorin is quite the liar. Her latest blog entry says the following:

I was just about to publish the third letter from an American soldier in Kosovo when the military command discovered his correspondences with me and now he’s in deep doo-doo because our government doesn’t want you to know what’s going on in Kosovo. But the following excerpt from said letter is relevant here:

If these people are ready for independence, how come they don’t clean up their streets, towns, and cities, and remove the trash that has been sitting on the curb for several weeks to several months (the smell is getting to me)?…A lot of us feel like the Albanians here don’t really care nor give a crap about this place by the way they treat their countryside. Trash, filth — driving out into sector is a plethora of pungent aromas from burning trash, sewage, and God only knows what else. I suppose that’s because they really don’t know if this land will be theirs or go back to Serbia, but still. It doesn’t look good for them to want independence yet do nothing to clean up their community. Granted they are still very poor and don’t have the services we’re used to at home, garbage disposal, a good public health department to ensure that the living conditions are up to par, it still doesn’t give them the reason to just say “screw it”.

Interesting. No one has said this Soldier was in any kind of trouble at all. Did they? Nope. He's getting help from a counselor for his personal issues, but nothing has been said about "deep doo-doo." Hmmmm. Oh yes, there are OPSEC violations in his letters, but as far as I know, talking with your Battalion Commander does not constitute "deep doo-doo." Here's your prime example of how this woman twists the facts to suit her own agenda. Nice, eh?

ADDED IN RETROSPECT: I have to laugh... this woman doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to admit her mistakes. She doesn't have the guts to reply to anything that is posted here or on Brad's blog. She simply fabricates stories and claims "government conspiracy" as an explanation for her lies.

Here's your tinfoil hat, Julia. You've earned it.

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eric siverson said...

I dont think Julia is reporting things wrong , but things have changed . As for the killing of the Serbs did indeed go down from one Serb a day to a lot less . But i dont credit this with so much with good protection as I do to most Serbs leaving Kosovo or finding safer places to hide . Julia was also correct on reporting of the destruction of over 100 orthadox churches . I spent considerable time reseaching what happend to Yugoslavia . and in my best judgement the fabrications are more on NATOs side . Germany has attack Serbia 3 times in the last century . This is still the after shock of the third attack . Did you know that Germany , AlQaida and the United States trained KLA terrorists to be freedom fighters in Albania . As soldiers you have to remain suspecious that you are not always told the truth . As a matter of fact its common knowledge that the truth is almost always the first casuality of every war . You boys be good and may God protect each and evryone of you

Blackbird said...

Oh, another trash blog by someone who won't even own up to who he/she is. Unresearched, unchecked "articles" and the furtherance of more propaganda. Yawn....get in line.

Anonymous said...

Now what do you think of the UK guardian reporting on the sale of human body organs comming out of Kosovo .These were taken to a KLA clinic in Turkey . So evidently some people still think the KLA was active after The Serbian army left Kosovo . The body organs were furnishd mostly by captive serb civilians .

Anonymous said...

One of the only good results of the bombing of Serbia was an increased awareness of Islamic terrorism in the Balkans. Albania was soon implicated. On 4 May 1999, the Washington Times reported, citing new reports from US intelligence and Jane’s Defense Review, that the town of Tropoje, Albania was a"common staging area" for Bin Laden’s and the KLA’s forces, and thus "a center for Islamic terrorists." US intelligence also acknowledged that Bin Ladin’s al-Qaeda had "both trained and financially supported" the Albanians, and that the Kosovo border had been infiltrated by Bosnian, Chechen and Afghan mujaheedin, in "…crossings (which) originated in neighboring Albania and, according to the reports, included parties of up to 50 men." The Jane’s report added that "…documents found last year on the body of a KLA member showed that he had escorted several volunteers into Kosovo, including more than a dozen Saudi Arabians. Each volunteer carried a passport identifying him as a Macedonian Albanian."

Read the 2003 and later reports of the KLA. "Harvest body parts, sell drugs, and force women into prostitution!" - Sounds like a Clinton plan. Things have gotten worse. The naive are defending the perpetrators and the knowing are defending themselves on their own. The Albanian people need to be saved from the corrupt government, the KLA, the mujahideen, and the misguided NATO efforts.

Anonymous said...

The question I'am now asking .Are we looking at misguided NATO efforts Or reincarnated NAZI efforts ? Just how would one tell the difference ?

Anonymous said...

43tarjaKwnwsaceno1nqtooAAnalypI don't believe Russia and China can tell the difference either . They Partnered up again after Wesley Clark tried to shoot Russian soldiers for Protecting Christians And the United States bombed the Chinese Embassey accidently on purpose . Russia has been preparing for a nato or nazi invasion for 12 yrs now .Putin told Germany what was likely to happend to them after they dismembered Yogoslavia again . The Balkans have always been the best and easiest place to start a war .Serbia stll has to decide if they want to be on Russia's or Germany's side this time for a change . Russia has been codling Serbia and asking if there any Serbs left in Yugoslavia . China will never forget what happend to them in Yugoslavia . So the fuse has been lite again . Yet the Wall street Journal thinks its best the United States makes the decisions in the Balkans , becuase they are not going to be involved in the problems . Two W wars already have been fought over these problems . Germany and Russia understand these problems but disagree on how to solve these problems . The United States and England are so politicaly correct , they are wrong , they see no problems . You want make a bet .